Calls for Submissions

Bibliotheca Alexandrina is currently seeking submissions for one new anthology:

Circe’s Cauldron: Pagan Tales of Magic and Witchcraft [edited by Rebecca Buchanan] Closes 1 November 2019

Questions? Comments? Queries? Worried that your submission was eaten by net pixies? Please email both the individual editor of the specific anthology and the Editor-in-Chief of Bibliotheca Alexandrina at


22 Responses to Calls for Submissions

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  3. Is there contact information for the person putting together the Persephone anthology mentioned on the main page, or is that information out of date?

  4. Andrea says:

    I’d love to see a Hestia anthology. There aren’t any other books out about Her. Any chance of this happening?

    • Possibly. 🙂 The devotional Unto Herself, which just closed for submissions, contains quite a few pieces in honor of Hestia. But if there is ever going to be a devotional anthology just for Hestia, someone needs to step up and offer to edit it. 🙂

  5. Bastemhet says:

    Hello, I was referred here by Helmsman of Inepu regarding my idea for a Kemetic devotional on Ma´at, conceptions of Ma´at, ways we honor her in daily life, etc. I would be willing to put together prompts, advertise for submissions and edit if y´all would help with the practical aspects since I have not edited a book before. Please let me know if you´re interested in working on this together. Thank you! You can also reach me at cjlewis (at) live (dot) com.

  6. Bob says:

    Would like to submit something for the Hera Anthology.

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  9. mishaherwin says:

    Are your anthologies e books or paperbacks?

  10. Barbara Ruth says:

    Neither baeditor nor lunessence addresses are working from my gmail account. Any suggestions?

  11. Barbara Ruth says:

    It didn’t bounce back this time. Thank you!

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  14. Dina Jennings says:

    Greetings ! Is Frater Eleuthereus still planning on writing a book on the Moon Goddess Diana ? Saw this in the contributors part of ” Waters of Life ” I would love to purchase when it becomes available !

  15. Achilleus Lykius says:

    Have you published an Aphrodite devotional? If not, there NEEDS to be one! I will volunteer for working on it, if not.

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