A Silver Sun and Inky Clouds: A Devotional for Djehuty and Set

Edited by Ashley Kent and Tatiana Matveeva
Price: $16.99
Publication Date: 5 September 2018
Place of Publication: Asheville, North Carolina
ISBN: 978-1723318030 / 1723318035
Pages: 420 pp
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5″ x 8″

Storm and Moon. Blood and Ink. Strength and Wisdom.  

Set and Djehuty (whose name was Hellenized as Thoth) are two of the oldest Gods known to us. A complicated Deity, Set not only murders his brother, Osiris, but also defends the Sun on His daily travels across the sky. Honored by ancient Egyptians as a God of strength, the desert, storms, and war, and as a defender of the cosmic order, He is often vilified by modern Pagans who fail to appreciate his unique nature.  

A God both cunning and wise, Djehuty is self-begotten, a master of law and cosmic order. The inventor of language, writing, and all of the sciences, He is also the Great Mediator, negotiating peace and harmony where there was only chaos and imbalance. 

In many ways, these two Gods stand in radical opposition. Yet They also complement one another in surprising ways as Their myths, lore, and areas of influence intersect. Studying the two Gods simultaneously produces a deeper understanding of both Set and Djehuty, and Kemetic spirituality and cosmology. 

It is the hope of the contributors to this anthology — devotees of Set and Djehuty from around the world — that the reader will come away with a greater appreciation of the Lord of Strength and the Master of Time. At the very least, we hope that the reader will come to realize that all Gods are worthy of our respect and devotion.

It can be purchased in paperback format through Amazon, and will be available through Barnes and Noble shortly.  All of the proceeds from A Silver Sun and Inky Clouds – as well as many of the other volumes in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina series – will be used to help promote the revival of the worship of the Greek and Egyptian Gods, with a portion of the proceeds given to a worthy charitable organization in their name.  So, not only will you be getting a wonderful book about the modern worship of Djehuty and Set – but your money will be going to do good work and help the revival of ancient polytheistic religions.

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The Distant Steps of Storm by Mergen Ondar … 3

Dedication … 5

From the Desk of the Editor-in-Chief by Rebecca Buchanan … 15

Poems and Prayers

Djehuty of Dakka by Noumenon … 17

All Your Holy Names: A Small Prayer to Thoth by Tatiana Matveeva … 18

Day of Hermopolitan Adoration by Tatiana Matveeva … 19

Dedication to Love by Tatiana Matveeva … 21

Djehuti, Lord of Lunar Illumination by Ka-Tenemi-Heka … 23

Djehuty by Joan Lansberry … 25

Dua Set on His Day Upon the Year by Ty Barbary … 26

Endless Adoration by Tatiana Matveeva … 27

Entreaty to Djehuti by Ka-Tenemi-Heka … 30

A Gift for the Teacher by Orocanthus … 32

The Guidance Song (To Set) by Gezausenu … 35

Hail to the Red God by Amanda Artemisia Forrester … 37

He Prays to Set by Night by Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa … 39

Hymn-Prayer to Thoth-Djehuty by Tatiana Matveeva … 43

A Hymn to Djehuty by Gezausenu … 45

Hymn to Setesh by Nicole Lungeanu … 46

Seth by Nicole Lungeanu … 47

Hymn to Tehuti and Sutekh by Rev. Robert Yamanu Brandum … 48

The Ibis by Rebecca Buchanan … 49

Ibis in the Sky by Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa … 51

In the Desert by Amanda Artemisia Forrester … 55

Like You I Become, Lord of Khenemu by someonewhoseeksknowledge … 57

Love and the Beautiful West by Tatiana Matveeva … 58

The Mystical Wedding of Thoth and Sekhmet by Tatiana Matveeva … 60

Offering Prayer to the Lord of the Oasis on His Feast Day by Ty Barbary … 62

Seth, Lord of Deshret by Nicole Lungeanu … 63

One Who Loves Knowledge by Tatiana Matveeva … 64

Outlast the Desert by Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa … 66

Praise to You, Djehuty by Tatiana Matveeva … 70

Praising Thoth on the Course of Every Day by Tatiana Matveeva … 72

Prayer to Djehuty by Nicole Lungeanu … 74

Prayer to Djehuty and Set for Confident Speech by Taqerisenu … 75

Djehuty by Noumenon … 77

Prayer to the Lord of the Emerald Tablet by Tatiana Matveeva … 78

Prayer to Thoth Thrice Great by Tatiana Matveeva … 79

Red Set by Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa … 81

Red Work by Taqerisenu … 86

Sacred Verses (25): My Eyes Behold An Effective Spirit by Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa … 87

Set and Aset by Chelsea Luellon Bolton … 95

Soul, Ignited With Your Light by Tatiana Matveeva … 98

Three Hymns in Honor of Set by Rebecca Buchanan … 101

To Djehuti by Ka-Tenemi-Heka … 102

To Djehuti — Thoth as the Hermetic Self: Find My Way to You by Ka-Tenemi-Heka … 103

To the God of Scribes by Amanda Artemisia Forrester … 104

The Red Father by the-typhonian … 105

Unlikely Brothers by Ty Barbary … 106

We Met With a Deck of Cards by chess-and-snickers … 107

Who Comes for Me by Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa … 110

Who Comes When Desert Howls by Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa … 117

Invocations and Rites

Set, Son of Nut, Great of Strength at the Prow of the Barque of Ra by Joan Lansberry … 121

Consecration Ritual by Mathew David Ingalls … 122

Daily Votive Rite to Djehuti and the Ogdoad by Scribe Caducifer … 129

General Rite Honoring Djehuty by Richard Reidy … 133

Djehuty of Nubia by Lara Van … 153

A Hermetic Liturgy to Thoth by Pedro F. … 154 

Invocation of Thoth by Pedro F. … 159 

A Practice Rooted in a Theophany of Thoth by Sam Webster, PhD, MDiv, Mage … 162

Set Oracle: Building a Community (March of 2014)

by Chelsea Luellon Bolton … 168

Through a Divination, Thoth Speaks by Will Legerdemain … 170


Thoth, Inventor of Time by Nicole Lungeanu … 173

The Founding of New Hermopolis: A Quest to Retrieve the Soul of Egypt by Dr. Mervat Abdel Nasser … 174 

The “Great Hymn” of Horemheb by Rev. Tamara L. Siuda … 179

Isis & Thoth by M. Isidora Forrest … 193

Journey to the Red Land: Understanding Lord Seth by Anna Ensoru … 200

Lord of Change, Lady of Transformation by Chelsea Luellon Bolton … 219

Thoth with Tablet by Soror Laetitia … 225

Master of Subtlety: A Devotional by Orocanthus … 226

The Nature and Functions of Thoth in Egyptian Theology by Edward P. Butler … 238

Set and the Goddesses by Kate Orman … 270

The Significance of Seth in the Modern World and Magic by Priapus and Yuliya Mrtntrw Translated by Anna Ensoru … 306

Thoth: The Moon in Ancient Egypt by Michael J. Masley … 320

Myths and Stories

Set by Noumenon … 333

The Healing of Horus by Orocanthus … 334

An Interview with Thoth by Michael Ramendik … 345  

Wisdom and Chaos by Orocanthus … 364 

Appendix A: Epithets and Associations of Djehuty compiled by Chelsea Luellon Bolton … 374

Set With Selfie Stick by Soror Laetitia … 389

Appendix B: Epithets and Associations of Set compiled by Chelsea Luellon Bolton … 390 

Thoth, Hathor, and Dionysus by Sanio … 395

Appendix C: Festival Calendar for Set and Djehuty compiled by Chelsea Luellon Bolton … 396

Appendix D: Our Contributors … 401

Appendix E: About Bibliotheca Alexandrina — Current Titles — Forthcoming Titles … 415