Among Satyrs and Nymphs: A Devotional to Hellenic Nature Spirits

Edited by Zachariah Shipman
Price: $14.99
Publication Date: 4 March 2022
Place of Publication: Asheville, North Carolina
ISBN: 979-8411422351
Pages: 312 pp
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5 x 8

Satyrs. Panes. Silenoi. Kouretes. Anthusae. Naiads. Dryads. Nymphs.

Do you sense the sacred on the shores of the ocean or the banks of a river? Do you see the divine in the craggy slopes of a mountain or under the light of the midnight moon?

Reverence for and worship of nature is humanity’s oldest religion, from a time before that word even existed. Humanity saw Gods and Goddesses and spirits and Powers in the trees and the rivers, in the vastness of the sky and the ocean, in the tiniest buds and blooms. We don’t know what the earliest humans called their Gods and the spirits of the natural world, but we do know the terms and titles used by the ancient Greeks; terms that are still used by their spiritual descendants today.

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Table of Contents

Nyads and Dryads by Walter Crane … 3

Invocation … 4

Editor’s Note … 5

Forward by Akhilleus Lykios … 14

Introduction by Zachariah Shipman … 15

Nature and Her Spirits

Diana of Ephesus as Allegory of Nature by Joseph Werner … 17

What the Heck is a Nature Spirit? by Zachariah Shipman … 18

Making Sacred Incense by Zachariah Shipman … 22

Honoring the Nymphai by Anonymous … 25

To the Nymphs by Amanda Artemisia Forrester … 26

A Prayer of Gratitude by Rev. Amber Doty … 28

Every Soul by Daniel Culver … 30

Orphic Hymn to Physus translated by Sara L. Mastros … 31

To Earth and Nature by Ariadne Rainbird … 33

Virgin Nymphs and Horny Satyrs by Zachariah Shipman … 34

Panes and Satyrs and Sileni! Oh My! by Zachariah Shipman … 36

Gaea, Mother of All by Rebecca Buchanan … 37

To Gaia by Ariadne Rainbird … 38

Blessed be the Nymphs Who Assist Ceres (Ara Pacis) by Lucia Maria Silvana … 39

Tellus Mater relief, Ara Pacis … 41

Sonata … 42

Spirits of Mountain and Forest

Daphne by Hubert von Herkomer … 43

To the Honeyed Melissai by Akhilleus Lykios … 44

Vignette VII: Melissae by Rebecca Buchanan … 45

To the Melissae for the Kronia by Ariadne Rainbird … 49

Honey, Light, and the Sacred Bee: An Exploration of Bees and Honey in Hellenic Myth by Zachariah Shipman … 51

Vignette I: Anthusae by Rebecca Buchanan … 55

Maia of the Mountain, We Praise You by Melia Orlando … 57

To Maia by Ariadne Rainbird … 58

Hymn to Maia I by Rebecca Buchanan … 59

Oread by Ariadne Rainbird … 60

Hymn to Maia II by Rebecca Buchanan … 61

Hymn to Makris by Denny … 62

Lament of Echo’s Daughters by Rebecca Buchanan … 63

Afternoon With a Faun by J.K. Bywaters … 64

Hamadryad by Ariadne Rainbird … 118

Hymn to the Satyrs by Rebecca Lynn Scott … 119

After Ida by Rebecca Buchanan … 120

Hymn to Artemis of the Poisoned Earth by Rebecca Buchanan … 121

To Artemis by Ariadne Rainbird … 122

Invocation of the Forest Lady by Rebecca Buchanan … 123

Hymn to Artemis III by Rebecca Buchanan … 124

Prayer to the Mistress of Animals by Rebecca Buchanan … 125

To Apollon Karneios by Ariadne Rainbird … 126

To Kheiron by Amanda Artemisia Forrester … 128

Andante … 129

Spirits of Sea and Sky

Cave of the Storm Nymphs by Sir John Poynter … 131

The Arrival: The Train of Poseidon by Zachariah Shipman … 132

Hymn to Triton by Zachariah Shipman … 135

Hymn to Nereus I by Rebecca Buchanan … 136

Phorcys: Primordial Guardian on the Threshold of Reality? by Darius Matthias Klein … 137

Hymn to Poseidon II by Rebecca Buchanan … 144

Hymn to Poseidon, Lord of Polluted Waters by Rebecca Buchanan … 145

Prayers to the Hyades by Rebecca Lynn Scott … 146

Silver Limnad by Alexeigynaix … 148

Vignette II: Aurae by Rebecca Buchanan … 149

Rhea, Hera, and the Starry Cosmos: 

An Essay on Generational Flow by Zachariah Shipman … 151

Vignette V: Hyades by Rebecca Buchanan … 155

Hymn to Zeus VII by Rebecca Buchanan … 158

A Hymn to Eurybia by Zachariah Shipman … 159

Run, Britomartis! by Lucia Maria Silvana … 160

Diktynna of Aigina by Lucia Maria Silvana … 162

Lures by J.K. Bywaters … 164

Vignette III: Eleinomae by Rebecca Buchanan … 193

Galatée by Gustave Moreau … 196

Vignette IV: Haliae by Rebecca Buchanan … 197

Deep in the Dark by Suz Thackston … 202

To Poseidon by Ariadne Rainbird … 213

Scherzo I … 214

Spirits of the Underworld

Die Seelin des Acheron by Adolf Hiremy Hirschi … 215

Hymn to Melinoe I by Rebecca Buchanan … 216

Hymn to Melinoe II by Rebecca Buchanan … 217

Orphic Hymn to Melinoe Translation Derived from Thomas Taylor … 218

Vignette VI: Lampades by Rebecca Buchanan … 219

Scherzo II … 224

Dionysus, Pan, and Other Madnesses

The Magic of Pan’s Flute by John Reinhard Weguelin … 225

To Watchful Nysos and the Celebrant of Wine by Akhilleus Lykios … 226

Maenad Meditation by Rev. Donna Swindells … 227

Maenads by Ashley Dioses … 236

Hymn to Methe by Denny … 237

Hymn to the Satyroi by Akhilleus Lykios … 238

Hymn to Rhea-Kybele, the Earth Mother by Akhilleus Lykios … 239

An Account of the Challenge and Duel of Pan Aegocerus and Apollo Khrysolyris, as Witnessed by Seilenos, Son and Apostle of Pan by J.K. Bywaters … 240

Hymn to Pan V by Rebecca Buchanan … 262

Hymn to Pan VI by Rebecca Buchanan … 263

Panic by Ashley Dioses … 264

Dionysus by Ariadne Rainbird … 267

Satyroi Hermeides by Rebecca Lynn Scott … 268

They Sing in Whispers by Ashley Dioses … 269

Satyroi in the Dionysian Mysteries and the Phallos by Zachariah Shipman … 270

Prayer to Priapos for Garden Fertility by Zachariah Shipman … 272

The Warrior by Suz Thackston … 273

What Is the Difference Between the Kabeiroi, the Kouretes, the Korybantes, and the Dactyloi? by Zachariah Shipman … 278

The Dance of the Kouretes by Akhilleus Lykios … 281

Shamanic Trance and Dance: A Guide to Ecstatic Trance in the Mysteries of Rhea-Kybele and Dionysos by Zachariah Shipman … 282

To Dionysos Eleftherios by Ariadne Rainbird … 284

Dionysus and the Dryad by Suz Thackston … 286

Sonata … 288

A Bacchanal with Naked Nymphs Decorating a Herm by Jean-Baptiste-Marie Pierre … 289

Appendix A: Index of Nature Spirits … 290

Appendix B: Recommended Reading … 297

Appendix C: Our Contributors … 299

Appendix D: About Bibliotheca Alexandrina — Current Titles — Forthcoming Titles … 306