At the Gates of Dawn and Dusk: A Devotional for Aurora, Eos, and the Hesperides

Edited by Rebecca Buchanan
Price: $10.99
Publication Date: 13 February 2018
Place of Publication: Asheville, North Carolina
ISBN: 1984339435 / 978-1984339430
Pages: 114 pp
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5″x8″

The Saffron-Robed Goddess. Sister of Sun and Moon. Mother of the Morning Star and the Evening Star.

To the Romans, She is Aurora. To the Greeks, She is Eos. The Goddess of the Dawn, she is linked to the most basic elements of creation itself: light, time, movement, birth, and death. Vivacious and lusty, She is a Goddess of renewal, dispenser of the dew which waters the fields every morning and the lover of many notable Gods, demigods, and mortals.

Her sons, too, are honored here: Heosphoros and Hesperus in the Greek pantheon, Lucifer and Vesper in the Roman. They hold an unusual position in theology and poetry, understood to be the same being called by different names at different times, according to His function. Over time, He/They came to be associated with freedom and enlightenment, philosophy, love, and marriage.

Daughters of primordial Night, Goddesses of Dusk and Sunset and Evening, the Hesperides live on an island beyond the western edge of the world, far out of the reach of ordinary mortals. Guardians of the treasures of the Gods, They keep watch over a Tree of Golden Apples and aid heroes on their epic quests.

It is our hope that this anthology will begin to fill a notable gap in devotional literature. Through these poems, prayers, rites, and tales, we hope to awaken a renewed appreciation for Aurora, Eos, and the Hesperides; to inspire others to write and paint and sing and dance in Their honor; and to hear Their names spoken aloud once again in love and devotion.

At the Gates of Dawn and Dusk can be purchased in paperback format through Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.  All of the proceeds from At the Gates of Dawn and Dusk – as well as many of the other volumes in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina series – will be used to help promote the revival of the worship of the Greek and Egyptian Gods, with a portion of the proceeds given to a worthy charitable organization in their name.  So, not only will you be getting a wonderful book about the modern worship of the Goddess of Sunrise and Sunset – but your money will be going to do good work and help the revival of ancient polytheistic religions.

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Verse for a Winter Solstice by James B. Nicola … 3

Eos Begins to Stir by Laurie Goodhart … 5

Introduction by Rebecca Buchanan … 10

Aurora and Eos

Cephalus Carried Off by Aurora by Pierre Claude Francois Delorme … 15 

Aurora Speaks by Rebecca Buchanan … 16 

Before the Gates by Chris Hubbard … 17 

Daily Rites in Honor of the Lady and Her Sons by Rebecca Buchanan … 18

Dawn Devotions by John Opsopaus, Ph.D. … 22 

Eos by Amanda Artemisia Forrester … 32  

Ever-Shining by Zachariah Shipman … 33 

Fingerpainting by Jennifer Lawrence … 34

Glorious Is the Dawn by Amanda Artemisia Forrester … 35

Hymn to Aurora by Iris … 36

In Search of the Morning Star by Claire Manning … 38

Eos on the Morning of the Eclipse by Nina Kossman … 47

it is his cloak that catches her gleaming eye by Rebecca Buchanan … 48

Lucifer Speaks by Rebecca Buchanan … 49

Morning Prayer to Eos by Ariadni Rainbird … 50

Mother of Crickets by Amanda Artemisia Forrester … 51

Ode to Dawn by Zachariah Shipman … 52

Praise to the Radiant Dawn by Gregory Stires … 53

Prayer to Eos by Zachariah Shipman … 54

Prayer to Eosphoros/Lucifer by Claire Manning … 55

Three Hourglasses by Rebecca Buchanan … 56

Titan by Gareth Writer-Davies … 58

Vesper Speaks by Rebecca Buchanan … 60

The Hesperides

The Hesperides by Nina Kossman … 61

The Apple by Rebecca Buchanan … 62

Bloody Sunset by Gerri Leen … 78

Drakon Hesperios by Rebecca Buchanan … 80

Fading Light by Zachariah Shipman … 81

Hymn to the Hesperides I by Rebecca Buchanan … 82

The Importance of the Evening Light in Hellenic Culture by Anne Hatzakis … 83

Six A.M. by James B. Nicola … 88

Memnon, Son of Eos and Tithonus by Bernard Picart … 89

Appendix A: Public Domain Hymns to Aurora, Eos, and the Hesperides … 90

Appendix B: Recommended Reading … 102

Appendix C: Our Contributors … 103

Appendix D: About Bibliotheca Alexandrina — Current Titles — Forthcoming Titles … 110