Blood and Roses: A Devotional for Aphrodite and Venus

Edited by Rebecca Buchanan
Price: $14.99
Publication Date: 30 July 2017
Place of Publication: Asheville, North Carolina
ISBN: 978-1973810810
Pages: 310 pp
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5″ x 8″

She is the Foam-Born. 
The Myrtle and the Rose. 
Lover, Warrior, Mother, and Creatrix. 
Aphrodite and Venus are complex Goddesses. The same may be said, of course, of any Power. When it comes to Deities associated with love or sex, though, too many fall back on caricature when trying to explain or understand such Beings: they are all lusty bubbleheads or consumed with materialist desires, or, worse, frivolous and cruel, given to playing with human hearts for their own amusement. 
That is not Aphrodite, nor is it Venus. Rather, they are Goddesses of immense power and deep passions, who can be kind and angry, wise and stubborn, cosmic in their transcendence and intimate in their immanence. 
The poems and essays and myths and rites here included reflect that very complexity. Many of Aphrodite and Venus’ devotees see them as distinct entities, a Power unto themselves; others see them as one and the same, as unique cultural manifestations of the same divinity; still others see Her as an aspect or name for the universal Power which inspires and manifests love in all its forms. 
Whatever your relationship with the Goddess/es, it is our hope that you will find the words here both inspirational and inspired, and wholly reverent.

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Aphrodite by K.S. Roy … 3

Dedication … 4

Introduction by Rebecca Buchanan … 11


Venus Frigida by Peter Paul Rubens … 13

Adonis: The Invocation by Robert F. Gross … 14

The Anatomical Venus by Gareth Writer-Davies … 16

Aphrodite by Gareth Writer-Davies … 18

Aphrodite: From the Depths by Gerri Leen … 19

Aphrodite, Lady of Change by Merit Brokaw … 21

Aphrodite Rising by Anne Graue … 22

Aphrodite’s Birthplace by Anne Graue … 23

Aphrodite’s Gifts by Merit Brokaw … 24

Aphrodite Soteira by Merit Brokaw … 26

Arrow-Pierced by Taqerisenu … 29

Blessings of Aphrodite/Rose Petals by Pegi Eyers … 30

Atlanta Aphrodite by Allie Nelson … 31

Eros Unloosed by Michael Routery … 33

Eternal Aphrodite, Rainbow-Throned by David W. Landrum … 34

Foam-Born by Jennifer Lawrence … 36

Fox by Gareth Writer-Davies … 38

Gifts of Aphrodite by Amanda Artemisia Forrester … 39

Goddess by Beate Sigriddaughter … 41

golden beauty by Kyler Luffy … 42

The Golden Ladies of Love by Amanda Artemisia Forrester … 45

A Grammar for Aphrodite by Michael Routery … 48

Hermes’ and Aphrodite’s Child by Michael Routery … 49

Hymn and Invocation of Aphrodite by Apollonius Sophistes (John Opsopaus) … 50

Aphrodite Calls to Pele by Laurie Goodhart … 58

Hymn to Aphrodite by Leni Hester … 59

I Am Isis-Aphrodite, Goddess of the Deep Blue Sea by Chelsea Luellon Bolton … 61

La Primavera by Mary Geschwindt … 65

Love and Commitment by Merit Brokaw … 68

One by Terence Kuch … 70

Piercer of Souls by Rodopi Sisamis … 71

Prayer to Aphrodite II by Rebecca Buchanan … 73

Primal Made Flesh by Merit Brokaw … 74

Sappho and the Woman of Starlight by John W. Sexton … 75

Sonnet for Aphrodite by David Subacchi … 77 

Aphrodite as the Red Baroness by Ravenart … 78

To Aphrodite by the Muses (Red Baroness is she of the sacred hive) by Ravenart … 79

To Begin by Alexeigynaix … 81

Tributary by Richard King Perkins … 83 

Venus by Merit Brokaw … 84

Venus by Ashley Dioses … 86

Venus and Felix Roma by Michael Routery … 87

Venus Victrix by Taqerisenu … 88

Where Does Love Go When It’s Cold? by Lori Anne Gravley … 89

Winged Lover by Deborah Guzzi … 90


Aphrodite Ἀφρογένεια Foam-Born by Devon Power … 93

Aphrodite and Theology by Edward Butler … 94

Aphrodite: Mystique and Mysterium: The Breath of the Soul Is the Heart of the Matter by Iona Miller … 111

Celebrating the Golden One: Aphrodite, Oshun, and Alchemy by Leni Hester … 144

Dedication to Aphrodite and Eros by Shauna Aura Knight … 148

The Marriage of Aphrodite by Amanda Artemisia Forrester … 162


Venus by Hendrick Goltzius … 167

Aphrodite Falls in Love by Marc Littman … 168

Becoming a Priestess of Aphrodite by Jinny Webber … 171

Cupid’s Mark by Shannon Connor Winward … 193

Deathwatch by Gerri Leen … 194

The Folly of Tyndareus by Merit Brokaw … 207

Love’s Sting by Gerri Leen … 213

Her Inner Mistress by Ravenart … 227

Transformation by Taqerisenu … 228

Rites and Recipes

Aphrodite Ἐρωτοτρόφος Mother of Love by Devon Power … 231

Aphrodite and Modern Pagans by Amanda Artemisia Forrester … 232

Aphrodite Fancy Perfumed Rice Pudding by Taqerisenu … 235

A Festival of Aphrodite: A Modern Invocation by Amanda Artemisia Forrester … 237

Guided by Aphrodite by Jenny Elliott … 242

Liturgy of Love: The Liturgia Philotêtos of Epaphroditos: Promulgatio de Ordine Philotêtos (Proclamation of the Order of Philotês) by John Opsopaus … 246

Offerings for Aphrodite by Amanda Artemisia Forrester … 269

Three Prayers to Aphrodite by Rev. Donna M. Swindells … 273

Tannhauser and Venus by John Collier … 275

Publication Credits … 276

Appendix A: Public Domain Texts … 277

Appendix B: Epithets of Aphrodite compiled by Chelsea Luellon Bolton … 286

Appendix C: Our Contributors … 290

Appendix D: About Bibliotheca Alexandrina — Current Titles — Forthcoming Titles … 307