Queen of the Sacred Way: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Persephone

Edited by Melitta Benu
Price: $14.99 (paperback)
Publication Date: 3 March 2012
Place of Publication: Asheville, North Carolina
ISBN: 978-1469942087 / 1469942089
Pages: 304 pp
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5.5″x8.5″

She is the Young Grain, Daughter of the Harvest Queen
She is the Iron Queen, Beloved of the Underworld
She is the Great Revelation, the Secret of the Mysteries

She is Persephone. Known today primarily as the Spring Maiden, ancient peoples knew her as so much more. It was Persephone they called upon to watch over their marriages, and guard their unmarried daughters. It was Persephone they called upon to curse their enemies and avenge injustices. It was Persephone who offered them a peaceful afterlife through the revelation of her great Mysteries at Eleusis.

Today, we are rediscovering the complicated, complex nature of this wise and awesome Goddess. Within these pages are hymns and poems, essays and rituals, artwork and fiction in honor of the Harbinger of Fruit, the Goddess of the Narcissus, She Who Tasted the Pomegranate, the Queen of the Sacred Way.


Come. Follow her path.

Queen of the Sacred Way may be purchased in paperback format through Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. All of the proceeds from Queen of the Sacred Way – as well as many of the other volumes in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina series – will be used to help promote the revival of the worship of the Greek and Egyptian Gods, with a portion of the proceeds given to a worthy charitable organization in their name.  So, not only will you be getting a wonderful book about the modern worship of Persephone – but your money will be going to do good work and help the revival of ancient polytheistic religions.

ATTENTION Librarians, Teachers and Retailers: Queen of the Sacred Way is also available at reduced cost for academic institutions, lending libraries (public and private) and retailers. Check our online store, or email baeditor@gmail.com with any questions.

We are rebuilding the Library of Alexandria one book at a time!


Maiden of Seasons by Stephanie S. Sommers — iii
Dedication — iv
Persephone and the Pomegranate by Kris Waldherr — v
Foreword by Rebecca Buchanan — 1
Introduction by Melitta Benu — 3
My Wheel of the Year:  The Dance of Life by Melia Suez — 6
Walk The Path by Jennifer McConnel — 18


Hymn to the Queen by Jennifer McConnel — 21
The Celebration of Kore, Goddess of Spring by HP Beth Clare — 22
διαυγάζω by S. Icarus Rabe — 24
Persephone, Verse 2 by Marian Dalton — 25
The Maiden’s Sorrow by H. Jeremiah Lewis — 26
Zagreus by Melitta Benu — 29
Persephone by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus — 32
Potnia: An Opera Based on the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, Act 1, Scenes 1 and 2 by Ann Suter and Geoffrey Gibbs — 34
Persephone by Mia Arujo — 40
Where Did Hades Take Persephone Down to the Underworld? by Daniel Ogden — 41
Divine Rape Apologetics and the Story of Persephone by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus — 49
Persephone, Verse 1 by Marian Dalton — 55


Persephone, Verses 3 and 4 by Marian Dalton — 59
Persephone in the Underworld by Kris Waldherr — 61
Eros and Persephone by Charles Stein — 62
Persephone, Verses 5 and 6 by Marian Dalton — 64
Persephone + Hades by Chioma Ebinama — 65
All Realms Must Be Governed by Maya Spector — 66
Persephone: Queen of the Underworld by Melitta Benu — 67
Queen of Death by Maya Spector — 80
Persephone Enthroned by H. Jeremiah Lewis — 81
The Queen by Sarah Kate Istra Winter — 86
How Persephone Killed the Gods for Me by B.T. Newberg — 87
Maid to Queen: A childfree reimagining of the myth of Persephone by Laura M. LaVoie — 90
Potnia: Act 3, Scenes 1 and 2 by Ann Suter and Geoffrey Gibbs — 94
Hymns to Persephone, I and IV by Rebecca Buchanan — 99
Persephone Passing Over/Grieving Ritual by HP Beth Clare — 100
The Pale Queen by Amanda Sioux Blake — 102
Persephone, Verses 7, 8 and 9 by Marian Dalton — 104
Persephone by Katelan V. Foisy — 106
Pomegranate by Jennifer Lawrence — 107
Descent by Galina Krasskova — 109
The Choice by Jennifer McConnel — 110
Persephone’s Dilemma by Jennifer Lawrence — 111
I Think I’ve Felt The Same by K. S. Roy — 113
Lullabies for the Dead by Danica Green — 114
Persephone by Michelle E. Dockrey — 116
A Long Overdue Sabbatical by George Wilhite — 118
All For the Taste of a Pomegranate by Gerri Leen — 125
I Am Persephone by Melitta Benu — 128
Persephone, Verse 10 by Marian Dalton — 130


New Spring by Rebecca Buchanan — 133
Persephone’s Ascent by E. A. Kaufman — 142
Potnia: Act 1, Scenes 4 and 5 by Ann Suter and Geoffrey Gibbs — 143
Epopteia: A Slightly Thelemic Spring Equinox Ritual by Melitta Benu — 153
Persephone Shows The Way by D. L. Wood — 163
“I Have Seen The Maiden”:  Hadrian, Antinous, and the Eleusinian Mysteries by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus — 164
Pomegranate Love by Maya Spector — 173
Hymn to Persephone by K.S. Roy — 174
Persephone by K.S. Roy — 175
Narcissus by Melitta Benu — 176
Bread of Life: Exploring Persephone as the Origin of the Mysteries by BJ Swain — 180
Spartacus Celebrates Kottytia by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus — 185
The Popess by Paul Mellender — 189
Meetings with the Maiden by John Opsopaus — 190
Proserpina, The One Who Creeps by Jade Sol Luna — 221
Persephone Speaks by Maya Spector — 225
Menthe – A Love Story by Suzanne Thackston — 226
Heiros Gamos: A Thelemic and Alchemical Autumn Equinox Ritual by Melitta Benu — 228
The Origins of Persephone by Ann Suter — 243
Prayer to Persephone by K.S. Roy — 271


Seeking Persephone by Literata — 275
Glossary — 276
Persephone’s Names, Cult Titles, Festivals and Select Bibliography — 281
Author Biographies — 284
About the Bibliotheca Alexandrina — 292
Current Titles — 293


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