Waters of Life: A Devotional Anthology for Isis and Serapis

Edited by Jeremy J Baer, Rebecca Buchanan, and the Editorial Board of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Price: $12.99 (paperback)
Publication Date: September 2009
Place of Publication: Eugene, Oregon
ISBN: 1448694558 / 9781448694556
Pages: 288 pp
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5.5″x8.5″

She of Ten Thousand Names. Lord of The Everlasting. Aset and Wesir. Iside and Osiride. Isis and Serapis.

Honored across the classical world and into the present – from the banks of the Nile to the banks of the Thames to the shores of Los Angeles – this unique collection is a living testament to the majesty of these ancient deities. Scholarly essays, rich poetry, engaging short stories, moving rituals and meditations, all testify to the continuing love for this divine sister-wife and brother-husband.

An ancient inscription reads: Drink of the Waters of Life.
Come, and drink.

Waters of Life may be purchased through Amazon here or at Amazon.co.uk here, and through Barnes and Noble. All of the proceeds from Waters of Life – as well as many of the other volumes in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina series – will be used to help promote the revival of the worship of the Greek and Egyptian Gods, with a portion of the proceeds given to a worthy charitable organization in their name.  So, not only will you be getting a wonderful book about the modern worship of Isis and Serapis – but your money will be going to do good work and help the revival of ancient polytheistic religions.

ATTENTION Librarians, Teachers and Retailers: Waters of Life is also available at reduced cost for academic institutions, lending libraries (public and private) and retailers. Check our online store, or email baeditor@gmail.com with any questions.

We are rebuilding the Library of Alexandria one book at a time!

Reviews can be found on GoodReads and Amazon.


Introduction — 9
A Note on Spelling and Style — 11
The Story of Isis and Osiris by Anne Baring and Jules Cashford — 13
Prayer for Isis  by Jeremy J. Baer — 28
A Hymn to Osiris by Sannion — 29
A Never Ending Battle by Frater Eleuthereus — 30
A History of the Worship of Isis and Serapis by Jeremy J. Baer — 33
To the Veiled Isis by Brandon Newberg — 40
A Serapis Aretology by Sannion — 42
Triad for Serapis by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus — 49
Reflections on the Lamentations of Isis and Nephthys by Sannion — 53
Isis by Birdsong — 55
Most Ancient by Rebecca Buchanan — 56
To Osiris by Brandon Newberg — 57
Some Thoughts on Osiris and the Dead by Sannion — 58
In Thy Orisons by Jeremy J. Baer — 61
The Crossing of Akh  by Christa Bergerson — 63
Words for the Wall (To Help a Man Pass Through) by Normandi Ellis — 64
Mr. West by Rebecca Buchanan — 66
Isis, Mistress of Heaven by Jeremy J. Baer — 71
The White Lion Queen by Frater Eleuthereus — 75
Hymn unto Isis by Seti Apollonius — 77
The Mighty Bull of the Two Lands by Sannion — 79
On the Wings of Isis:  The Introduction of Isis to Greece and Rome by D. Jasmine Merced — 93
Her Names, Inscribed and Sung by Rebecca Buchanan — 117
For Isis by Sannion — 119
Epiphany of Isis by Amanda Sioux Blake — 120
Musings on The Metamorphoses by Jeremy J. Baer — 127
The Problems of Using Apuleius’ Metamorphoses as a Reliable Source for the Cult of Isis by Emma Nicholson — 132
Untitled by Rebecca Buchanan — 143
Inventio Osiridis by Jeremy J. Baer — 144
Eternal Love by Jocelyn Almond — 147
First Sorrow of Creation by Rebecca Buchanan — 153
Picking Up the Pieces by Suzette Chan — 154
A Modern Festival for Serapis by Jeremy J. Baer — 158
Hymn to Serapis by Sannion — 161
Navigium Isidis by Jeremy J. Baer — 162
Isis Poetic by Russell Goodman — 165
A Mother’s Love by Grace — 166
The Isidis Navigium:  Greco Roman Ritual of Antiquity in a Modern Context; People Are  Returning to the Ancient Ways by Karen Tate — 169
Isis, Nuit, Sol and the Ox by Payam Nabarz — 176
Isis Worship for Hellenic Polytheists  by Sannion — 178
Approaching the Altar of Isis by Amanda Sioux Blake — 189
My Travels with Serapis (and Antinous) by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus — 191
To Apis by Sannion — 208
Tracing the Threads of My Relationship with Isis by Amanda Sioux Blake — 209
Prayer to Isis I by Theokleia — 214
Alone  by Jeremy J. Baer — 215
Seeking What Is Lost: An Isian Meditation by Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D. — 216
Ave Iside by Rebecca Buchanan — 223
Sleeping in the Desert by Normandi Ellis — 224
Ritual to Isis by Jeremy J. Baer — 225
Hail Isis! by Heather Cox — 229
Cry to Isis by Amanda Sioux Blake — 230
The Lady of Tears by Frater Eleuthereus — 232
Isis by Logan Gore — 245
Prayer to Isis II by Theokleia — 247
The Message of Osiris by Sannion — 248
How Aset learned Ra’s Name by Rev. Tamara Siuda — 250
Our Contributors — 255
Select Bibliography and Internet Resources — 260
Appendix A – List of Divinities — 264
Appendix B – Glossary — 269
Appendix  C – Historical Eras — 276
Appendix D – Chronology of Important Events — 279

About Bibliotheca Alexandrina — 282


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