Garland of the Goddess: Tales and Poems of the Feminine Divine

Garland of the GoddessEdited by Gerri Leen

Price: $14.99
Publication Date: 4 September 2016
Place of Publication: Asheville, North Carolina
Dimensions: 5 x 8
Pages: 306 pp
ISBN: 978-1537307022

Anat, Ereshkigal, Artemis, Juno, Venus, Bast, Seshat, Brigid, Arduinna, Freyja, Hel, Yemaya, Mawu, Pele, Ix Chel, Kuan Yin, Tara, Sarasvati, Kali.

Goddesses were, and still are, widely worshipped. Not just in far off places, but close by, right here. People today sing to these Goddesses, pray to them, dance for them, make offerings — and write for them. The poetry and prose and art collected here celebrates Goddesses from all over the world. Like the Goddesses they honor, these tales and poems and works of art vary from the humorous to the horrific, from the deeply personal to the deeply transcendent, and everything in between. Some Goddesses will be familiar, others strange, still others completely new.

It is our hope that you will find these words and works of art not just entertaining, but also inspiring: sing, pray, dance, set up an altar — pick up your pen.

The Goddesses are here.

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All of the proceeds from Garland of the Goddess – as well as many of the other volumes in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina series – will be used to help promote the revival of the worship of the ancient Gods, with a portion of the proceeds given to worthy charitable organizations in their name.  So, not only will you be getting an imaginative collection of tales – but your money will be going to do good work and help the revival of ancient polytheistic religions.

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Table of Contents

Goddesses by Ravenart … 3

Dedication … 5

Introduction by Gerri Leen … 16

From the Desk of the Editor-in-Chief by Rebecca Buchanan … 18

Greek and Roman Goddesses

Judgement of Paris by Maggie Middleton … 21

Song of Persephone by Jennifer Ambrose … 22

Punxsutawney Phil Called Persephone by Literata Hurley … 24

Persephone Called Phil Back by Literata Hurley … 25

Missing Person Report: Persephone by Melia Brokaw … 26

Venus by Vonnie Winslow Crist … 28

Excerpt from The Pearl of Alexandria by Rebecca Buchanan … 30

Kallistei — To The Fairest by Alexandra Seidel … 32

The Woman in the Moon by A.J. Huffman … 33

The First Day by Sandi Leibowitz … 34

Everything Silver by Kai Coggin … 35

The Villainess of Olympus by Gerri Leen … 37

Hera Antheia in the Rain by Reilly Falanx … 39

Nemesis by Erynn Rowan Laurie … 40

Daphne Tells All by Sally Basmajian … 42

Egyptian Goddesses

For Love of the Great Being by Kathy Crabbe … 47

I Am Bast by T.J. O’Hare … 48

Night by Vonnie Winslow Crist … 52

I am Nephthys by Frances Billinghurst … 54

Seshat by Rebecca Buchanan … 56

The Words of Seshat by Alexandra Seidel … 57

Garland of Roses (Rhodophoria/Rosalia Festivals) by Chelsea Luellon Bolton … 59

Raettawy by Taqerisenu … 61

Ancient Near Eastern Goddesses

Queen of the Night by Kris.K.G … 63

Shekhinah by Alicia Cole … 64

Haikus for Anat by Rebecca Buchanan … 65

Hymn to ’Athirat by Rebecca Buchanan … 66

Geshtinanna’s Dream by Taqerisenu … 67

Namma by Taqerisenu … 69

Ereshkigal by Alexandra Seidel … 71

Norse Goddesses

Lady Love by Kayci Castillo … 73

Freyja in Falcon-Skin by Sandi Leibowitz … 74

Freyja by S.R. Hardy … 76

Freyja’s Might by Sandi Leibowitz … 77

Freya by Ralph Monday … 78

Upon Inviting In the Goddess Freyja by T.J. O’Hare … 80

Golden Delicious by Jennifer Lawrence … 81

Schrödinger’s Goddess by Erin Lale … 84

Bindings by Tahni J. Nikitins … 85

Cold Stoneware by Jennifer Lawrence … 106

Celtic Goddesses

Brigid by Shauna Aura Knight … 111

Boann’s Sacrifice by Michael Routery … 112

Wildfire by Jennifer Lawrence … 113

Brigid’s Blessing by Annie Herring … 116

Brigid by Lee Clark Zumpe … 117

Brighid Dreams the Poet by Erynn Rowan Laurie … 118

Brig Ambue by Erynn Rowan Laurie … 120

Brigantia by Taqerisenu … 122

The Matronae by Michael Routery … 124

Flidais by P.J.Reed… 126

Artio of The Bears by Michael Routery … 127

Gleaning for Arduinna by Michael Routery … 128

Advice by Jennifer Lawrence … 129

African and Caribbean Goddesses

Sutra by Barbara Ruth … 131

Mami Wata by Alicia Cole … 132

Ofo Ase by Gloria Steele-Hatten … 133

Conversation Between Abuk and Her Newborn Son by A.J. Huffman … 136

I Am by Rebecca Buchanan … 138

Mawu, Dahomeyan Creatrix by T.J. O’Hare … 140

Come Back by Barbara Ruth … 143

Mambo Ayizan by Alicia Cole … 141

Song for Maman Dantor by Alicia Cole … 142

Yemanjá Afodo by Taqerisenu … 144

Yemanya, Brazilian Queen of the Ocean/Yoruba Patron of Women  by T.J. O’Hare … 146

temptress blamed, woman scorned by Gloria Steele-Hatten … 148

Far Eastern Goddesses

Guanyin statue in Thailand. From a Public Place by noppharat … 151

Guan Yin’s Lullaby by Emma Moser … 152

Bodhisattva by Gerri Leen … 154

Guan Yin by Maia Cornish … 155

Star Mother by Gerri Leen … 157

For Tara by Penn Kemp … 160

Kurukulla, Buddhist Goddess of Unlimited Enchantment by T.J. O’Hare … 161

Sarasvati, Buddhist Manifestation of an Ancient Hindu Goddess by T.J. O’Hare … 163

Of Willow Trees and River Orphans by A.J. Huffman … 166

Passing Into Shadow by Sandy Hiortdahl … 167

Seventeen Haiku Composed for Ama-Terasu-O-Mi-Kami by T.J. O’Hare … 172

Rice Grower: A Song for Inari by Alicia Cole … 175

Hindu Goddesses

Goddess Kali at Sunset by adrenalinapura … 177

Ever Flowing by Janine Canan … 178

A Goddess In Bed by Nora M. Mulligan … 179

Dawn’s Joy by Rebecca Buchanan … 181

Dancing with Shiva by Gerri Leen … 182

Akhilandeshvari : The Always broken one by Karen Storminger … 187

To Shakti by Anindita Sengupta … 188

Native American, MesoAmerican, and Oceanian Goddesses

Natura Rising by Pegi Eyers … 189

They Do Not Stand on Ceremony, or Do They? by Neal Whitman … 190

Three for Spider Woman by T.J. O’Hare … 191

Kuka Mama, Sown by Emma Moser … 193

Chuparosa by Barbara Ruth … 195

Woman of Fire, Woman of Snow by David W. Landrum … 197

Pele, Hawaiian Volcano Goddess by T.J. O’Hare … 222

The Burned Veil by Maia Cornish … 223

Papatūānuku: A Lament by Emma Moser … 228

Luminescent Giant Butterfly Lady by Rebecca Buchanan … 229

La Santisima Muerte by Marie C. Lecrivain … 230

Ix Chel by Jennifer Bradpiece … 232

Ixchel, Mayan Medicine Woman/Moon Goddess by T.J. O’Hare … 233

Coatlicue (or reasons not to date a Mexican woman) by Hugo Esteban Rodríguez

Castañeda … 234

Dos by Hugo Esteban Rodríguez Castañeda … 237

Universal, Multiple, and New Goddesses

Great Mother by Pegi Eyers … 239

Ailaanin by Rebecca Buchanan … 240

She by Bob Carlton … 261

Her by Janine Canan … 262

You Are Not Alone by Janine Canan … 263

Beyond by Janine Canan … 264

Labyrinth and the Lady by Literata Hurley … 265

My Queen, My Love by Leah Haymond … 267

Quail Egg Forest by Leah Haymond … 268

Another Moon & Sky Poem by James B. Nicola … 270

Marie Laveau by Alicia Cole … 272

Aqua Jewel by T.J. O’Hare … 273

White Goddess by Lee Clark Zumpe … 277

She Turns by Amie Ravenson … 278

Appendix A: Recommended Reading … 280

Appendix B: Our Contributors … 282

Appendix C: About Bibliotheca Alexandrina — Current Titles — Forthcoming Titles … 303