Les Cabinets des Polytheistes: An Anthology of Pagan Fairy Tales, Folktales, and Nursery Rhymes

LCdP_FrontEdited by Rebecca Buchanan

Price: $14.99 (paperback)
Publication Date: 28 April 2016
Place of Publication: Asheville, North Carolina
Dimensions: 5 x 8
Pages: 388 pp
ISBN: 978-1532728174 / 1532728174

Homer. Snorri Sturluson. Marie de France. Elias Lönnrot. The Brothers Grimm.

Fairy tales, fables, nursery rhymes, and myths are all part of the literature of awe and wonder, the literature of (re)enchantment. And this literature is, at its core, polytheistic. Such tales remind us that the world is beautiful and terrible, bloody and dangerous. They recognize that we are not alone, that we human beings are not the only power in the world.
The tales and poems in this anthology are humorous, frightening, and awe-inspiring. Some are retellings of ancient folktales, while others bring the Gods into the modern world. Others are coming-of-age fables, reminding us that the Powers which still walk the world deserve our respect, while others make it clear that some of those Powers are as terrible as the world we all inhabit. Others interpret the old tales through a feminist lens, or with an environmentalist ethic, or from within the traditions of Heathenry, Wicca, Kemeticism or Hinduism. Some retellings invert the originals, changing heroes to villains and villains to heroes, or close with ambivalent endings — reflecting the ambiguous nature of our everyday, mortal, messy lives. Still others blur the indistinct line between “fairy tale” and “myth” even further, mixing princesses and glass slippers and briar-covered towers with ghosts and tricksters and Goddesses.

Les Cabinets des Polythéistes has been a labor of love, for myself and the anthology’s many talented contributors. We hope that it brings you just as much joy, and that it inspires you to write a few poems and tales in honor of the Gods, too.

Les Cabinets des Polythéistes is the latest in Bibliotheca Alexandrina‘s line of genre fiction anthologies. It can be purchased in paperback through Amazon, and through Barnes and Noble.

All of the proceeds from Les Cabinets des Polythéistes – as well as many of the other volumes in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina series – will be used to help promote the revival of the worship of the ancient Gods, with a portion of the proceeds given to worthy charitable organizations in their name.  So, not only will you be getting an imaginative collection of tales – but your money will be going to do good work and help the revival of ancient polytheistic religions.

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Table of Contents

The Firebird and the Goddess of Creativity by Nina Kossman … 3

Dedication … 5

Introduction by Rebecca Buchanan … 11

All-Purpose Hermes by Sylvia Ashby … 14

Appleheads by Vonnie Winslow Crist … 16

Between Two Lands by Joanna Benitez … 43

Blodeuwedd: A Tale from the Mabinogion by Gareth Writer-Davies … 73

Blood-Red Leaves on a Moonlit Night by Gerri Leen … 76

Clean Sweep by Amergin O’Kai … 87

Debutante Day by Wendy Steele … 92

Ekho and Narkissus by Amanda Artemisia Forrester … 97

Frank, Burger, Chop, & Steak by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal … 101

Frigga and the Gingerbread Village: A Yule Tale for Children by Larisa Hunter … 102

The Gift of the Stag Maiden by Juli D. Revezzo … 106

Golden-Hair by Steven Klepetar … 111

The Great Man of the North by Ed Ahern … 113

The Heartless Boy by Ed Ahern … 121

How the Sun and Moon Came to Be: A Creation Tale for Heathen Children by Larisa Hunter … 135

Hurleburlebutz by Madeline McEwen … 140

Hymn to Melinoe V by Rebecca Buchanan … 155

Just Right by Barbara Ruth … 156

The Legend of the Moruadh by Steven Wittenberg Gordon, M.D. … 157

The Mermaid and the Sun by Gary D Aker … 160

Narcissus by Victoria Harkavy … 163

The Princess and the Frogs: An Ancient Egyptian Fairy Tale by Darius Klein … 167

Queenie the Beautiful and Her Magical Doll by Szmeralda Shanel … 179

Red Is for Ritual by Gerri Leen … 213

The Sky Is Failing by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal … 216

Sleeping Beauty by Beate Sigriddaughter … 217

The Slipper by Melia Brokaw … 225

Snorri by Sylvia Ashby … 229

Snow and Rose by Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman … 231

Snow White by Steven Wittenberg Gordon, M.D. … 235

A Sonnet for My Love by Hal O’Leary … 236

Spine of the World by Kiya Nicoll … 237

Split Ends by Gerri Leen … 288

The Story of Sif by Literata … 290

The Thin King by S.R. Hardy … 297

The Three Little Goddesses by Maya Obregon … 305

The Three Snake Leaves by Melia Brokaw … 308

True Devotion by Juli D. Revezzo … 315

When That Gentleman Comes Calling by Luque Spinner … 317

Wiła by Shirl Sazynski … 326

Woodencloak: A Tale Reimagined by Erin Lale … 343

Working for the Oracle by Stephen Scott Whitaker … 360

Your Father Said by Gareth Writer-Davies … 368

Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up (as an old white-haired woman) After One Hundred Years by Nina Kossman … 371

Appendix A: Our Contributors … 372

Appendix B: Recommended Reading … 384

Appendix C: About Bibliotheca Alexandrina — Current Titles — Forthcoming Titles … 385