Editorial Contract

[Below is the template editorial contract used by Bibliotheca Alexandrina. This form is meant to protect the interests of both BA and the editor/s. All editors of BA anthologies are required to sign the form, and comply with the agreement. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the project, or the editor’s name being removed from it.]

Date: [insert]

From: Rebecca Buchanan, Editor-in-Chief of Bibliotheca Alexandrina

To: [editor]

I am writing to confirm that you will edit the following title: [insert]

Publisher: Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Rights Requested: Worldwide, exclusive

Start Date: [insert]

Close Date: [insert]

Projected Release Date: [insert]

Note: the close date and projected release date may be adjusted according to the needs of the anthology and the editor. For example, if not enough submissions have been received by the initial close date, a new close date and release date may be agreed upon by the editor and the EiC; or, in the case of unexpected developments in the life of the editor.

The responsibilities of the editor include the following:

1) Drafting and posting the call for submissions, and sending a copy of the same to the EiC; [note: an initial draft of the call for submissions must be sent to the EiC for approval];

2) Collecting and proofing the submissions; reviewing all art submissions and rejecting those which are not a minimum of 300dpi (or sending the artwork back for revision);

3) Compiling the submissions and creating a .doc manuscript of the anthology;

4) Sending and collecting the permission to publish forms, which must be signed by the contributors; if a permission form is not signed and returned to the editor, that submission cannot be used; [note: in a few circumstances, permission will be explicitly given by the contributor via email or some other communication; please discuss such situations with the EiC];

5) Forwarding the .doc manuscript and a file of the permission forms to the EiC;

6) Selecting a title and searching for a suitable cover image; [note: editors may solicit suggestions for both a title and a cover image, and, if appropriate, poll the NA membership];

7) Sending a first draft of the .pdf of the anthology to all of the contributors for approval; and forwarding their requested corrections to the EiC; [note: suggested corrections from the contributors must be received by the editor within one week; and, in some cases, the editor-in-chief will send the draft to contributors instead of the editor];

8) If necessary, sending a second draft of the .pdf to the contributors for approval; and forwarding their requested corrections to the EiC and layout artist; [note: once again, suggested corrections must be received within one week];

9) Drafting a back cover blurb for the anthology;

10) Reviewing and approving/rejecting the printed proof copy of the anthology; approval or any suggested corrections to the anthology must be sent to the EiC within one week of receiving the proof;

11) Posting notices about the publication, encouraging reviews of the anthology, and so forth.

Note that the EiC is available to *assist* with many of these duties.

If the editor is unable or unwilling to complete the anthology after signing this contract, then 1) the editor must notify the EiC as soon as possible; and 2) all pertinent files must be turned over to the EiC within one week of such notification; and 3) the initial editor will not be named as such on the final anthology, assuming it is completed by other parties, but may be named in the acknowledgments.

Legal name of editor:  [insert]
Name to appear in print:     [insert]
Contact: [insert email address]

Authorized (e)signature:  [insert]
Date: [insert]

Editor Biography (to appear in the anthology): [insert]

1 Response to Editorial Contract

  1. Robert says:

    Read and agreed, will make a doc copy.

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