Ascendant 2: Theology for Modern Polytheists

[Note: this anthology has closed to submissions. Please send any queries to the editor at the address below, or to the editor-in-chief at]

Bibliotheca Alexandrina is seeking submissions for Ascendant 2: Theology for Modern Polytheists. Submissions will open 1 April 2019 and close 31 July 2019, with an expected release date of early Winter 2019. Michael Hardy is editor.

As with the first volume of Ascendant, Ascendant 2 seeks to examine the theology of polytheism and its application in our modern world.  We are not accepting fiction, poetry or artwork for this volume. 

We are approaching this collection with attention to both modern eclectic practice and traditional/reconstruction approaches. 

Your work should: 

  • Address an aspect of theology or philosophy that pertains to polytheism and which is relevant for pagans and polytheists in today’s world.
  • Approach the topic from a scholarly perspective (properly cite all sources you use).
  • If you’re not familiar with work already done in this field, consider reading some of it before developing your contribution. We especially recommend A World Full of Gods by John Michael Greer, The Deities Are Many by Jordan D. Paper and Seeking the Mystery by Christine Hoff Kraemer. 

Possible topics include: 

  • Mythology vs. Theology
  • Poly- and Monotheologies in dialogue
  • The theological foundation for common practices such as offerings or prayer.
  • Magic within polytheistic practice
  • Bringing theology forward: Reconstructing traditions in the modern world
  • Assembling a cohesive theology for eclectic practice 
  • Theology and Science
  • Theologies of immanence (pantheism, process theology, etc.)
  • Relating theology to practice
  • Can there be systematic theology for Pagans? Is it even needed? 
  • How polytheism overcomes certain monotheistic problems (evil, pain etc.)

Multiple submissions by the same author are welcome, and all contributors will retain original copyright to their work. Previously published material is also acceptable, provided the author retains the original copyright. All contributors must complete a permission to publish form prior to publication or their work will not be included in the anthology.

Absolutely NO plagiarism. Any work that has been plagiarized will be excluded from the finished anthology.  All work must be the original work of the author or include proper citations where necessary; the preferred citation styles for this anthology are APA or MLA. Please do not use auto-generated footnotes, if at all possible. All submissions accepted for inclusion will be edited, and the editor may ask authors to revise or modify their submissions if needed. 

Please send all questions or submissions to the editor at Inquiries are also welcome, if you want feedback before committing yourself to writing a full article. All submissions must be in an editable format, Microsoft Word preferred. Do not send PDFs or other read-only file types.

No monetary compensation will be provided. Proceeds from all sales will be divided between charitable donations in honor of the Deities and production costs for future publications from Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Contributors will receive a PDF version of the finished book and the opportunity to purchase up to three copies of the paperback edition at cost.