Ascendant: Modern Essays on Polytheism and Theology

[Note: this anthology has closed to submissions. We anticipate an early Winter 2018 release.]
Bibliotheca Alexandrina is seeking submissions for Ascendant: Modern Essays on Polytheism and Theology. Submissions will open 1 February 2018 and close 1 July 2018, with an expected release date of early Winter 2018. This anthology is being co-edited by Ashley Nicole Hunter and Michael Hardy.
The editors are primarily interested in essays exploring theology from a Pagan and  polytheist perspective, potentially with ritual scripts to demonstrate how theological concepts can be expressed in practice. We are not accepting fiction, poetry (except as part of ritual), or artwork for this volume. 
This collection will include modern eclectic practice and traditional/reconstruction approaches. The editors are interested in covering the range of contemporary pagan theologies, traditions, and practices, including but not limited to Canaanite/Semitic traditions, Dievturi, Druidry and Celtic Reconstructionism, Goddess Spirituality, Hellenismos, Kemeticism, the various Heathen and Northern Traditions, Mexicayotl, Religio, Rodnovery, Romuva, Thelema, and the many branches and offshoots of Wicca, as well as individual, eclectic paths. 
Your work should: 
• Illuminate some aspect of the theology that informs the beliefs and practices of whichever segment of the Pagan/polytheistic world you focus on. 
• Approach the topic from a scholarly perspective (properly cite all sources you use).
• If you’re not familiar with work already done in this field, consider reading some of it before developing your contribution. We especially recommend A World Full of Gods by John Michael Greer, The Deities Are Many by Jordan D. Paper, and Seeking the Mystery by Christine Hoff Kraemer. 
Possible topics include: 
• Mythology vs. Theology
• Whether Gods are real entities or archetypes/metaphor
• Poly- and Mono-theologies in dialogue
• Poly-theologies in dialogue with one another
• Development of theology within individual traditions and pantheons
• Bringing theology forward: Reconstructing traditions in the modern world
• Assembling a cohesive theology for eclectic practice
• What is truth: Can it be known? Is it singular or multiple? 
• Theology and Science
• Theologies of immanence (pantheism, process theology, et cetera)
• Relating theology to praxis
• Orthopraxy vs Orthodoxy
• Can there be systematic theology for Pagans? Is it even needed? 
• How polytheism overcomes certain monotheistic problems (e.g., theodicy, omnipotence, omniscience, omnibenevolence, et cetera)
• Polytheism and ontology
• Polytheism and eschatology
• The use of popular culture to explore and explain theological concepts within polytheistic traditions and/or the exploration of polytheistic theologies in popular culture (e.g., American Gods, Moana, Star Trek)
Multiple submissions by the same author are acceptable, and all contributors will retain original copyright to their work. Previously published material is also acceptable, provided the author retains the original copyright. All contributors must complete a permission to publish form prior to publication or their work will not be included in the anthology. Contributors will be sent a proof .pdf prior to publication to review, to which they will have one week to respond.Absolutely NO plagiarism. Any work that has been plagiarized will be excluded from the finished anthology. All work must be the original work of the author or include proper citations where necessary; the preferred citation styles for this anthology are MLA or APA. Please do not use auto-generated footnotes, if at all possible. The editors reserve the right to make minor changes to formatting, spelling, and grammar if necessary. The editors also reserve the right to request modifications of submissions or to reject submissions as necessary.No monetary compensation will be provided. Contributors will be provided with a .pdf for their personal use, as well as a coupon code to purchase three print copies at-cost (plus shipping). Proceeds from all sales will be divided between charitable donations in honor of the Deities and production costs for future publications from Bibliotheca Alexandrina.
Please send all submissions or queries to