Polytheistic Religion and Practice Volume I: Reflections and Essays

Bibliotheca Alexandrina is seeking submissions for Polytheistic Religion and Practice, Volume I: Reflections and Essays. This non-fiction anthology is being edited by Christopher Hubbard. The submission window will open 1 December 2019 and close 31st May 2020. This anthology’s projected release date is late Winter 2020.

This edited anthology will consider only non-fiction: whether of a scholarly, introspective or reflective, or creative slant. No artwork (save for a cover image, which must be a minimum of 300 dpi), fiction, or poetry will be considered for this anthology. However, you may provide poetry you have written along with an extended commentary and reflection on it — think of Nabokov’s Pale Fire in this regard. Your work should address and involve polytheism in some way.

The preferred style is MLA; for any quotes, please include a marker of where to find the quote and in what source (i.e. [Author of source’s name] followed by a page number). Any sources used should be cited; preference toward in-text citations and a works cited page.

Your work may:

  • Be more theoretical (examining some of the more fundamental or philosophical aspects of a religion) or practice-oriented (examining a particular path’s initiations or a ritual, for instance)
  • Delve into a specific aspect of a religious framework and how it has applied to a culture in the past or how it may be applied today
  • Look at how a specific religion has been written about recently
  • Reflect upon how an ancient religion could or should be adopted today (e.g., in what ways could adopting some facet of this religion or one of its practices benefit us?)
  • Discuss a sacred text in relation to its surrounding culture (whether at the time it was written or how an audience today might perceive the text) or approaching it from a critical perspective (think sociological, psychological, a certain framework of ethics, etc.)
  • Examine the role and relationship of religion or spirituality to other disciplines, such as psychology, philosophy, anthropology, ethnography, etc.
  • Examine more philosophy-oriented frameworks such as Buddhism or Taoism and, for instance, how such a framework can be incorporated into other spiritual practices
  • How practices or religion can inform culture or vice versa 
  • Basically anything that deals with a particular polytheistic religion or practice, or compares two or more thereof

Some sources (a few of which are on scribd) that might be of interest include:

  • Routledge’s Investigating Philosophy of Religion series
  • Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts: The Mystical Tradition of Ancient Egypt by Jeremy Naydler
  • Ancient Egyptian Divination and Magic by Eleanor L. Harris
  • The works of Nigel Pennick, including Pagan Magic of the Northern Tradition: Customs, Rites, and Ceremonies
  • The Return of the Dead: Ghosts, Ancestors, and the Transparent Veil of the Pagan Mind by Claude Lecouteux
  • Contemporary Religions in China by Shawn Arthur (esp. for how the author approaches the topic)

Multiple submissions from an author are permitted. Previously published work will be considered as long as the author retains the copyright of the submission. Bibliotheca Alexandrina will not request full copyright of the work, only permission for it to be published in the anthology. Contributors will be required to fill out a permission to publish form prior to publication of the anthology.  

Any plagiarised work will be excluded from consideration. All submissions must be the original work of the author. The editor reserves the right to make changes to formatting, spelling, and grammar as necessary. The editor may request modifications of a submission prior to its acceptance or reject submissions as necessary.

All contributors will be able to purchase up to three (3) copies at cost, and will receive a .pdf of the final manuscript for their personal use. No monetary compensation will be provided. Proceeds from all sales will be divided between charitable donations in honor of the Deities and production costs for future publications from Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Please send all submissions as a .doc (Microsoft Word file). Submissions, questions, inquiries, etc. can be sent to SubmissionsBA@gmail.com. **Please note the title of the anthology in the subject line of your email. E.g., “Submission: Polytheistic Religion and Practice.”** This is a general submission address for all BA anthologies, so please make sure that it is directed towards the proper editor.