gods and undergrads: A Review

Rebecca Buchanan

This review originally appeared in SequentialTart.
Publisher: Lipstick Press
ISBN: 978-0-9794589-0-3
Creators: Monica Gallagher
Grade: 8

A sophomore at Troy University, Lelaina Pentheus has lucked out — while waiting in line to register for on-campus residency, she is befriended by extroverted Anneke Stone, who just happens to be in need of another roommate. Shy Lelaina is quickly welcomed into Anneke’s extended circle of friends: her brother, Anthony; other roommate, Lucy; ex-roommate, Sloane; and the downstairs neighbors, Neil and Linden. Life seems to be normal — until Lelaina’s fainting spells return, and her hands get hot and bloody, and she breaks a wall with her fists …. Then there’s the strange man in the dark coat and glasses, who claims to be the Greek God Hermes … and that Lelaina is the daughter of a Goddess ….

gods & undergrads was another Previews discovery. How could I pass up on something about Greek Gods in the modern world? I was even happier when Hermes showed up (love the tattoo!).

I really like this series. The characters was so emotionally and psychologically well-drawn. Is Linden a good guy? Is he a jerk? Why are Anthony and Lucy keeping their relationship a secret? How much does Anneke know? Just what does Lelaina want? What does Hermes want?

I really like the little touches that Gallagher throws in. The loud, demonic residency administrator (eeeevil woman) who loves to terrorize the students. The movie posters on Lelaina’s wall — actual posters, resized, rather than drawings. They say a lot about Lelaina’s personality and interests, and might even hint at the direction of the series (I doubt the posters for Troy and Smallville are a coincidence).

gods & undergrads is a true-lifeish tale of love and friendship and betrayal and “finding yourself” — with some Gods thrown in. Recommended to fans of The Plain Janes, Teenagers From Mars and Sidekicks.


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