A Prayer to the Saviour Gods on Pharia

Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Hail all You Savior-Gods
Though unnamed and unspecified
Guardians of sacred Pharos
Light of the harbor of our city
Light of the world’s crossroads

Unspecified, Vague,
Surely so worded purposely
So all who pass by the Pharos
Might honor the Gods of their heart.

So I will humbly name you
According to the traditions of my people
Greek, yet Egyptian, I am,
A citizen of the finest city of all.

Briny Poseidon I sing first,
For all the seas of the world are His home
Untamed, wild, He becomes gentle for the sons of Alexander
And allows all ships of friendly intent into our harbor.

Zeus, King of Heaven, Father of Gods and Men,
Father of our city through Alexander
Father of the Greeks, Ammon to the Egyptians
Father of Justice and Savior of Man

Athene Soteria, Head-born daughter of Zeus
Sword-wielding maiden of Athens
Lady of war, Lady of art
Who shields our soldiers and brings them home alive.

Twin Dioskouroi, Magnificent sons of Zeus,
The sailor’s friends in crisis
Half-mortal, half-Divine
Dedicated to man, and to each other.

Isis of the Many Names, Mother of Aiegyptos
Truly You deserve to be called Savior of the World!
I name You too a God of the Pharos
Guard of the gateway by which we Greeks enter Your world

Mighty Herakles, wandering mortal-born son of Zeus
Strongest of all, Monster-slayer, God of courage
Who ventured farther than any Greek,
Spreading veneration of the Gods and destroying evil.

I could not forget Great Alexander, Olympias’ splendid son
Who founded our great city after his epiphany at Siwah
Undefeated conqueror, a truly universal man,
Now you eat at the banquet of the Gods, and guard the citizens of your city.

And Lastly I hail Ptolemy Soter, greatest of all mortals,
Who alone honored Alexander’s wish, bringing him home to Alexandria to rest
Mighty Pharaoh of the Two Lands, Son of Re, rebuilder of Egypt, who drives off the enemy.
All praises to you, Son of Lagos, for it you who took Alexander’s dream and  created the city we love.

So I name You, Savior-Gods of the Pharos
And light candles before Your images
And burn sweet incense in Your names
On this sacred day we celebrate Your coming to Alexandria.

Hail all You Savior-Gods of my people!
But also those Who I may not know,
May You forever be welcome in my home and my city.

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