Isidis Navigium

Amanda Aremisia Forrester

[This is a very short little ritual, as in my climate it is still a bit cold to be outside for a long time. The lines in italics are specific to my area and should be changed to fit your landmarks.]

Hail, Mighty Isis of the Many Names!
Though Your birth was in sandy Aiegyptos,
Your worship spread to great Roma and beyond
And today in modern South Bend, Indiana we offer homage to Your name.
We greet You as patroness of ships and sailors
By the small waters of own town, the St. Joseph River.
As You protected ancient sailors on the tumultuous seas,
Protect us also as we sail through the rocky waters of fate
Great Lady, clad in magic, we gather in awe of Your power
And pray You will accept our humble offerings.

Pour libation of wine, saying:

We offer You sweet wine, in the hopes that You will remember us favorably, and sweeten our lives with your presence. As spring approaches, our hearts fill with joy to see Your green plants growing again.

Pour libation of milk, saying:

We offer you milk, in acknowledgment that You are the Mother of All, and pray that You will look after us and our nation with the love of all mothers. May our leaders be wise and healthy, and all opposition fall before us.


With these words the rite is ended. But we invite you to stay with us, for as long as you like.

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