Antinoan Prayer Against Persecution

P Sufenas Virius Lupus

Ave Ave Antinoe, Beate, Juste, Benevolentis

I cry out in supplication to you, Antinous; I raise my voice in song and prayer to you, O Bithynian; I give thanks to you for my trials and my triumphs, O Good God!

I give glory to you, the Beautiful, the Just, the Benevolent.

It is you who are the sustainer of my life; it is you who is my protector in the afterlife; it is you who is the visitor and the rejuvenator and the consoler in my dreams and my sleep and my rest.

May I rejoice in the successes of both friend and foe; may I weep with all who are in suffering and travail.

May you give me the strength to not curse those who wish me harm; may you give me the peace to not be troubled by those who would persecute me.

May I be humble in the assembly, for no great Navigator am I; may I speak not of my own glories, but only those of them who are truly glorious; may I never oppress others, but instead may I follow the example of the Liberator.

May I rejoice in the celebrations of the other gods:

May I eagerly dance in the processions of the God who Must Be Obeyed[1];

May I sweeten my lips with the praises of she who is the Gentle One with Horns[2];

May I be ever mindful of the guidance of He Who Opens the Way[3];

May I chant the verses of the Master of the Dance uninhibited[4];

May I learn righteousness from the Lord of Hosts[5];

May I be filled with the wisdom of the Thrice-Great-One[6];

May my companion ever be he who is the Hound of the North[7];

And to other gods besides, may I pay respect and honor to them and to their devotees according to their worthiness.

When I hear the words of those who would condemn me, may my heart not be hardened towards them;

When they beset me with their hosts of hatred, may their flood-tide wash over me as harmless as it was for you on the day of your foundation;

May I never succumb to the temptations of hatred, spite, and violence.

Though I am not perfect, I pray that in this affirmation I may become more perfected.

May my mercy and compassion and forgiveness extend to all, and may the love of The Beautiful and The Just pour out over me in my difficulties.

Surely, He who must be greater than I, who is Most Compassionate, can do better than I in this! May it be so!

To this god Antinous I have chosen to address my prayer, and in this god Antinous I take refuge.

May harm never come to those who do good! May I always be in the presence of he who is Beautiful, Just, and Benevolent!

Ave Ave Antinoe; Haec est unde, Haec est unde, Haec est vita venit.


1. Dionysos

2. Hathor

3. Anubis

4. Shiva Nataraja

5. YHWH Sabaoth

6. Hermes-Trismegistus (Hermes and Thoth)

7. Cú Chulainn


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