Celebration of the Marriage of Hypnos and Pasithea


Date to celebrate: Day 15 of the Six or Seventh Lunar Month (during summer)

Time to celebrate: During the night after the sun has set or within an or two hour of going to bed in the night.

What is Needed:

1.     Opium incense, either two incense cones or six opium incense sticks.
2.     A matchbox or lighter to light the incense.
3.     A dim light source.
4.     Four chamomile tea bags
5.     Two peppermint tea bags
6.     A kettle of hot water, a large teapot,
7.     One cup for Hypnos, one cup for Pasithea, one cup for each person participating, one cup for yourself
8.     Appropriate flower offerings if available.

If unable to get chamomile or peppermint you can use lemon balm leaves, lemon verbena or passionflower tea, though my experience is that chamomile and peppermint tea are nearly universally sold. Alternatively for individuals who can drink wine you can use wine. For incense if unable to get opium incense you can alternatively use lavender or Night Queen

Appropriate flower offerings are either lavender, poppy flower, hibiscus flower, jasmine flower, passion flower or catnip flower. Lemon balm leaves can be used as a flower offering.

A dim light source is any light source that does not totally illuminate the area. In my case I leave my kitchen light on which dimly illuminates the portion of the garden which I usually perform my ceremony in.

Method to celebrate: Go outside after the sun has set. Assemble all the above items either during daylight (except the kettle of hot water which you will need to bring from inside your house and the flowers which should not be sitting around before the celebration)  or during the night just before the ceremony. The ceremony is most easily performed if you have a small table but it can also be done on the ground. Pre-put the teabags inside the teapot before you start the ceremony.

Make sure you are physically clean.

Extend your palms skywards and look up to the night sky and say:-

Hail to you Hypnos, son of Nyx, brother to Thanatos and father to Morpheus. Greetings to you Lord of Sleep, you who cradles all beings to sleep. Hail to you Kind One, who rejuvenates all beings, refreshing them when they wake.

Greetings to you too Pasithea, beloved younger Kharites and wife to Hypnos. Hail to you lady of rest and relaxation, who eases the tension of the day and making one calm and at ease with themselves.

Hail to you beloved Theoi and Theai. Tonight we celebrate your divine marriage. It is said that on a fateful summer day when the Trojans and Achaeans did battle to each other did Blessed Hera, siding with the Achaeans bade noble Iris to summon you Strong Hypnos to her side. There she promised you the hands of your beloved Pasithea in marriage if you were to put almighty Zeus to sleep.

And Hypnos so you did. So great was your love to gentle Pasithea you did Hera this one favor. Cradling the King of the Gods in your arms did you cradle the awesome son of Kronos to sleep. For this boon did the Queen of all Marriages offer you, Son of Night the hands of sweet Pasithea in marriage.

Oh Hypnos, father of Dream, please first accept this offering of opium incense (light the first incense cone or stick dedicated to Hypnos now as you say this). May this offering prove worthy to you. And to you too noble Pasithea, please accept this offering of opium incense (light the second cone and stick dedicated to Pasithea as you say this). May this offering prove worthy to you both.

Now pick up the flowers in your hands and point it to the sky then point it in the direction of the burning incense.

Oh Hypnos and Pasithea, please accept this offering of (flowers or lemon balm leaves). May this offering be pleasing to you both.

After this put down the flower as an offering.

Oh Hypnos and Pasithea, let me now brew some chamomile and peppermint tea for you both.” (Pour the hot water from the kettle into the large teapot then cover it. Chamomile helps in sleep while peppermint helps in rest.)

Now keep silent for about a minute as the tea brew. Keeping silent is appropriate in the celebration of Hypnos and Pasithea, as both sleep and rest does require some silence.

Now move the two cups in front of the burning incense. Then lift up the pot of peppermint and chamomile tea and say, “Hail to you Hypnos, Husband of Pasithea, let us share this drink of chamomile and peppermint tea in celebration of your marriage. May this offering be worthy to you.” (Then pour the tea into Hypnos’ cup.)

Then move the teapot over Pasithea’s cup and say, “Oh Pasithea, wife of Hypnos, let us share this drink of chamomile and peppermint tea in celebration of your marriage. May this offering be worthy to you.” (Then pour into Pasithea’s cup.)

Then pour the tea into your cup and the cups of all the participants.

Then look skyward. Raise the palm where you are not holding a cup and pray, “Oh Hera, Almighty Daughter of Kronos and Sister to Almighty Zeus. Hail to you Queen of Marriage, Lady who watches over all Marriages, please accept this sponde of chamomile and peppermint tea. Please ensure that the marriage of Hypnos and Pasithea be an eternally happy one.”

Sponde (that is tip a little bit of tea to the ground) to honor Hera.

Then point the cup in the direction of Hypnos and Pasithea and say, “Hail to you Kind Hypnos and Beneficient Pasithea, may your marriage be a long and happy one.

Saying this drink your tea. Chat with those around you as you drink the tea. Alternatively spend a few quiet moments with the Gods as you drink the tea.

After finishing drinking the tea, extend both your palms in the direction of Hypnos and Pasithea and say, “Thank you Theoi and Theai for all the blessings you have granted in my life. May you both continue to grant more, thank you.

The ceremony has ended.


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