Daily Ritual to Anubis


For the curious, I am showing the basic procedure of the shrine rite I do to Anubis (Yinepu in a more Egyptian spelling). It is based off of research into the classic state rites done by the priesthood of ancient Egypt. Actions are in parenthesis.

(Utterance before the doors of the temple)
O doorkeepers of this temple, you who ward off all evil ones, do not permit them to enter into this temple. Their faces will turn backwards as they recoil, for my purity is the purity of Heru and the purity of Heru is my purity. My purity is the purity of Sutekh and the purity of Sutekh is my purity. My purity is the purity of Djehuty and the purity of Djehuty is my purity. My purity is the purity of Geb and the purity of Geb is my purity. I come into your presence, O Yinepu. Heru-Ur has purified me, Djehuty has censed me. For I arrive on the way of the Netjeru. I enter welcomed and appear here desired. No evil will block my path, it will not repulse me, it will not chase me away, for the power of the Netjeru is with me. I am the great Djehuty of the dweller in the embalming chamber. I come to carry out my office; I have not carried away any of the offering cakes; I have not diminished the food offerings; I have not abominated when I purified myself. My arms are those of Heru, my hands are those of Djehuty. I bring the Eye of Heru to its Netjer, placing it on his throne for I am the servant of the Netjer. I am pure, I am pure, I am pure, I am pure.

(Light fire)
Come, come in peace O glorious Eye of Heru! Be strong and renew you youth in peace. For the flame shines like Ra on the double horizon, and the power of the enemy of Ra retreats straightaway before the Eye of Heru, which siezes it and brings it and sets it before the Eye of Heru. The word of Heru is Ma’at by reason of his eye. The Eye of Heru destroys the enemies of Yinepu, dweller in the holy place. I am pure, I am pure, I am pure, I am pure.

(Take up censer)
Homage to you O censer of the Netjeru, who are in the following of Djehuty. My arms are upon you as Heru, my hands are upon you as those of Djehuty. I am the living servant of the Netjer, I am the wab priest, I am pure, I am pure. My purfications are those of the Netjer, I am pure, I am pure.

(Take up incense cup and light coals)
Homage to you, O incense cup. I am purified with the Eye of Heru so that I may perform ceremonies with you. Yinepu is pure, I am pure.

(Put incense in the censer)
The fire is laid, the fire shines. The incense is laid upon the fire, the incense shines. May my perfume come to you, O incense, may your perfume come to me, O incense. May my perfume come to you, O Netjeru, may your perfume come to me, O Netjeru. May I love you, Netjeru, and may you love me.

(Open doors)
The doors of the sky are opened! The doors of the earth are unlocked. Geb makes obiescence to the Netjeru who are seated on their thrones saying ‘The double doors of heaven open! The company of the Netjeru send forth light!’ My face keeps guard over the Netjeru and the Netjeru keeps guard over my face. The Netjeru make a way for me and I walk thereon. Behold, I am sent to look upon the Netjer Yinepu! I have seen my lord Yinepu in his every form!

(Present offerings, and perform the gesture of praise (‘henu’))
I have come to you, O Yinepu. I am Djehuty, who journeyed at the two seasons to seek for the Eye of its Lord. I have come. It is the Pharaoh who has sent me to see Yinepu. I have found the Eye. I have reckoned it up for its Lord.

(Add natron to water in bowl)
I give you essential water, a tide in your time. I bring you the flood waters to purify your sanctuary, I give you the flood of waters to purify your temple. The primordial that purifies for the first time.

(Sprinkle water from bowl about the temple)
I come close to you, I bring the waters of rejuvenation that flows from the two caverns. I sprinkle the water, purifying the temple of all impurity.

(Bow before statue, salute)
Homage to you Yinepu, dweller in the mummy chamber, judge of hearts, I have placed myself on the floor in awe of you, I prostrate myself through fear of you. I have watched you do you will, I have watched you do your bidding. I have not been overthrown by your enemies this day; your enemies whom you hate, you have overthrown. He who adores his lord feels no weakness.

(Light incense, cense offerings and statue)
Take the incense, Yinepu, its aroma is for you. The incense comes, the aroma of the Netjer comes, its aroma comes to you; it washes you, it adorns you; the aroma of the Eye of Heru comes to you.

(Henu to perform the awakening litany of Yinepu in his names)
Awake in peace, Yinepu! You, yourself, beautifully awake in peace! [Refrain: May you awaken, may you be at peace, may you awaken in peace.] Opener of the ways, He who is in the place of embalming, Foremost of the Westerners, dweller in the mummy chamber, judge and counter of hearts! [Refrain] Jackal ruler of the bows, He who is upon his mountain, Presiding over the Neteru’s pavilion, lord of Amentii, lord of the cemetery, lord of the sacred land, guard of the embalming chamber! [Refrain] Awaken, O Yinepu, in life and peace, awaken in peace!

(Embrace statue)
Greetings to you, O Yinepu. Djehuty has come to see you, his ‘nemyss’ cloth at his throat and his ‘mantu’ bandlet behind him. Awaken that you might hear his voice. My arms are around you like those of Heru, my hands are upon you like those of Djehuty, my fingers are upon you as those of Geb.

(Offer Ma’at as a feather or statue)
I have come to you as Djehuty, whose two hands are joined under Ma’at. She comes to be with you, for she is everywhere. You are provided with Ma’at, you move in Ma’at, you live in Ma’at, she fills your body, she rests in your head, she makes her seat upon your brow. Ma’at is offered to your nose that you may breathe the gentle breath by her grace. The breath of your body is of Ma’at, you heart does live in Ma’at. All that you eat, all that you drink, all that you breathe is of Ma’at. Take Ma’at to your ka, Ma’at which your heart does love, your arms reach out, I offer Ma’at to you, chanting to your ka, the lie is abolished. Djehuty presents Ma’at to you, his two hands are upon her beauty before your face.

(Remove clothing of the statue)
Your beauty belongs to you, your cloth is around you, Yinepu who resides in the mummy chamber. I have seized for you this Eye of Heru. May you be adorned. You possess your beauty, you possess your raiment, you are a Netjer, O Yinepu!

(Pour water libation and sprinkle statue with libation from bowl four times)
This libation is for you, O Yinepu. Djehuty gives the Eye of Heru to you. I have brought to you this offering of water, that your heart may be refreshed. I have brought to you this offering of water, placing this at your feet.

(Wash the statue with a damp cloth and the water bowl, then cense the statue)
Pure, pure is Yinepu. I have presented to you this Eye of Heru so that its odor may come to you. The odor of the Eye of Heru comes to you. Pure, pure is Yinepu. Your purity is the purity of Heru and the purity of Heru is your purity. Your purity is the purity of Sutekh and the purity of Sutekh is your purity. Your purity is the purity of Djehuty and the purity of Djehuty is your purity. Your purity is the purity of Geb and the purity of Geb is your purity. You are established amongst them, you are pure, you are pure Yinepu; you are pure, you are pure Yinepu; you are pure, you are pure Yinepu; you are pure, you are pure Yinepu!

(Present linen)
Take this fabric in a state of absolute purity. I envelop you effigy with this fabric.

(Adorn with gold cloth)
O Yinepu, take to yourself this your shining cloth, take for yourself this your beautiful cloth. Take for yourself this your ‘mer’ garment. Take for yourself your ‘menkhet’ cloth.

(Adorn with white cloth)
Hail Yinepu! You have recieved this your shining headcloth, you have recieved it your apparel, this headcloth of beauty. You have recieved this Eye of Heru, the white one which comes forth from Nekhen. You rise from it, you are prefect in it, in its name of ‘Menkhet’. The Netjeru strengthen you, the Netjeru strengthen it, even as they are strong through the Eye of Heru.

(Adorn with green cloth)
Wadjet rises, the perfect one, who cannot be repulsed in heaven or on earth. The green bandlet refreshes Yinepu, it makes perfect and renews his youth. O Yinepu, I have presented to you the Eye of Heru and you are strong by what is in it.

(Adorn with red cloth)
The Eye of Heru rises, her majesty makes the word go forth, the creatures of the company of the Netjeru. She protects Yinepu, she guards him, she causes fear of him to exist. She will make Yinepu flourish and will go ahead of him. She will rise in front of him, appearing in front of hs brow, inspiring awe of Yinepu in all as he goes forth as the mighty one of two-fold strength. The Eye of Heru has been presented to you, O Yinepu, and you have your sight through it.

(Anoint with oil on forehead with pinky finger)
This oil upon your forehead, may it gladden you Yinepu, opener of the ways. I have filled you with the Eye of Heru, with this sacred oil. It renews your strength, and it adorns you in its name of Wadjet. Its odor pleases you in its name of ‘Sweet Odor.’ The Eye of Heru which is Sekhmet burns up for you your enemies; you have opened for Ra the roads aginst his enemies.

(Offer drink)
Take this sweet drink, O Yinepu, taste how pleasing it is. I come close to you, judge and counter of hearts. I bring the drink that it might delight your heart, that it may sustain your ka.

(Offer any food, etc.)
Take this food, Yinepu, that your Ka may be satisfied through this Eye of Heru. Take these offerings, that they may satisfy your heart each day. Elevating the offerings to Yinepu, setting out provisions for his spirit. Your bread belongs to you, your provisions belong to you. I am pure. May you make for me a granted life.

(Henu and salute)
Hail Yinepu, lord of the tomb, lord of dreams! Hail Yinepu who guards Isis and Nepthys, the Netjeru who guards between the invisible worlds and the visible ones. You are the one who touches them both!

(Sprinkle sand on the floor)
Heru, you have found your Eye. Yinepu, lord of the holy place, you have found your Eye. You have removed it, you have removed it. You have rescued it, you have sprinkled with sand from your hand the Eye of Heru which makes the gift of life, stability, strength, and health as he sun, forever!

(Take four steps out with broom as you sweep the floor backwards)
The distress that causes confusion has been driven away, and all the Netjeru are in harmony. I have given Yinepu the Eye of Heru, I have placed the Wadjet eye in the correct position.

(Close doors of the temple)
Djehuty has come. He has delivered the Eye of Heru from the hands of his enemies, no evil shall enter into this shrine! The door is closed, the door is set fast with a bolt.

(Return to remove offerings)
O Yinepu, your enemy retreats before you. Heru turns to his Eye in its name of “Reversion of Offerings.” I am Djehuty. I come to perform this rite for Yinepu, Lord of the Holy Place. Take the offering of the Pharaoh. These your divine offerings revert to your servants for life, for stability, for health and for joy! O that the Eye of Heru may flourish with you eternally!

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