Ritual for Zeus-Ammon


Place statues of Zeus and Amon-Ra next to the altar. Set up two tall candles next to the altar and two sandalwood scented votive candles on the altar itself.

Light the candles, and say:

Praise be to the Gods! Praise be  to Zeus Ammon! Today on this spring evening I offer you light, warmth, and  fragrance! May you be pleased with this simple offering!

Then pick up the votive candles; raise them three times, saying each time:

Praise be to  Zeus Ammon.

Then follows some prayer/discussion/talking to the God/additional  words of praise, and several moments of meditation.

Afterwards, pour libations of water and wine into a silver bowl on the altar, raising the bowl three times and saying each time:

Praise be to Zeus Ammon.

Formally close the ritual by saying:

This rite is ended. Praise be to Zeus Ammon. Praise be to  the Gods.

Allow the candles to continue burning during the rest of  the evening.


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