Weekly Neos Alexandria Ritual Version 1

Melia Suez

To be done every Wednesday.

1.      Clean at least your face and hands.
2.      Ground and Center.
3.      Add purifying salt to water.  Purify yourself by touching the appropriate areas as you say:

May I be pure in thought. (forehead)
May I be pure in speech. (tongue)
May I be pure in heart. (chest)
May I be pure in action. (palms of hands)

4.       Sprinkle water around ritual area to purify it and say:

Even here, you can be found oh Gods of Neos Alexandria.  I welcome you into my heart and into this space.

5.      Make an offering to the Gods of Neos Alexandria saying:

Gods of Neos Alexandria, save this community
today and every day from anger, our own and that of others; from bad people, from wickedness in our friends, our companions, our neighbors; from the internal adversary within each of us; and from harsh judgments, our own and those of others, whether they are part of our community or outside our
community.  Bless us as we walk our separate paths to you.  May we hear your guidance clearly.  Hail Gods of Neos Alexandria.

6.      Acknowledge the Gods that are being studied as part of Gods of the Month Club saying:

I especially want to give honor to Neos Alexandria’s Gods of this Month, God 1, God 2, God 3.  Help us to know you better.

7.      Honor any personal gods.
8.      State any prayer requests from the community.
9.      Listen for any messages.
10.     Thank and close.

Thank you, oh Gods of Neos Alexandria, for your attention.  Go if you must, stay if you will.  Hail and Farewell.

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