Comics and Graphic Novels

  • Benjamin, Paul and Steven Cummings. Pantheon High
  • Covey, J (ed.) Beasts! A Pictorial Schedule of Traditional Hidden Creatures from the Interest of 90 Modern Artisans
  • Crane IV, Walter. Sheba Volume One: The Sands of Seth
  • Edmondson, Nathan. Olympus
  • Ennis, Garth and Phil Winslade. Goddess
  • Goscinny, Rene and Albert Uderzo. Asterix and Cleopatra
  • Goulart, Ron. Great American Comic Books
  • Hinds, Gareth. The Odyssey
  • Moore, Alan and Gene Ha. Top Ten
  • Moore, Alan and JH Williams III. Promethea
  • Morse, Scott and Lou Romano and Don Shank and Nate Wragg. The Ancient Book of Myth and War
  • O’Connor, George. The Olympians Volume One: Zeus, King of the Gods
  • O’Connor, George. The Olympians Volume Two: Athena, Grey-Eyed Goddess
  • Robbins, Trina and Colleen Doran and Jackson Guice. Wonder Woman: The Once and Future Story
  • Rucka Greg and JG Jones. Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia
  • Rudnicki, Stefan and Harlan Ellison. Imaginings: An Anthology of Visionary Literature Volume One: After the Myths Went Home
  • Shanower, Eric. Age of Bronze
  • Shinohara, Chie. Red River
  • Smylie, Mark. Artesia
  • Weir, Christina and Nunzio DeFilippis and Christopher Mitten. The Tomb
  • Wilson, G Willow. Cairo



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