How to Consecrate Your Altar

One issue that comes up frequently is altar consecration. Everyone has differ ways of consecrating their sacred space. Here are some suggestions from the members of Neos Alexandria. Some of these techniques are grounded in ancient practices. Others are modern innovations. Still others are combinations of old and new.

Rebecca Buchanan: My consecration rite is fairly simple; only three ingredients are required. I pour water into a small bowl and mix in a pinch of salt. I set the bowl down in front of the altar and kneel.* I light the match and then douse it in the bowl of water. I then sprinkle the water over the altar while speaking a prayer aloud to the Gods, asking them to bless this space. After, I pour the water onto the ground outside (although, depending on the circumstances, the kitchen sink works, too).

Angelenia Duvall: I use rainwater and add a little salt and a few drops rose or lavender oil. Stir it clockwise and say whatever blessing comes to mind in the moment. Voila! Holy water.

Melia Suez: I take tap water and add Kosher salt (though if I had sea salt I’d use that). Then I light some dried rosemary and drop it into the water while blessing the combination. This combines the four elements. If the rosemary sprig is big enough, I use it for sprinkling the holy water.

* I know, not everyone kneels. Do whatever feels best or is appropriate to your tradition.

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