Blessing: Adonis represents vibrant youth and vegetative life, languid sensuality and lost love. He shows us the importance of enjoying life, because we never know when it will end, and of the power of love to reach across the grave.

Epithets: Kouros “Young man”, Ephebe “Boy”, Adon “Lord”

Equated with: Attis, Osiris, Dionysos, Antinous, Adon, Adonai

Associations: myrrh, lettuce, fennel, mullet, rose, and quickly blooming plant or flower, couch, spear, boar

FestivalsAdonia (9-10 Lôios)

Ways to honor: Plant a garden, remember your past loves, enjoy life while you have it.

Ancient Texts:

Adonis and White Rock by Ptolemy Hephaistion

Alexandrian Hymn to Adonis by Theocritus

An Account of the Syrian Worship of Adonis by Lucian

Aphrodite and Persephone Fight Over Adonis by Hyginus

Citharoedic Hymn to Adonis-Antinous

Orphic Hymn 55

Suda, s.v. Diagnomon

The Myth of Adonis by Apollodorus

Modern Texts:

Adonis by Lykeia

Adonis by Melia Suez

Epithalamia for Adonis by P Sufenas Virius Lupus

For Adonis by Lykeia

To Adonis by Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Rituals and Festivals: Forthcoming


The Gift of Adonis by Astalon


Wikipedia entry on Adonis

Encyclopedia Mythica entry on Adonis

Carlos Parada on Adonis

Wikipedia entry on Adonis Gardens

Grow your own Adonis Garden

The Phoenician background of Adonis

Sir James G. Frazer on the rituals of Adonis

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