Citharoedic Hymn to Adonis-Antinous

We lament Adonis under the earth,
Formerly called by us Antinous.
Tell me of divine songs, give me harmonious melodies!
For it is only for you that the Fair-Haired, Lyre-Striking One
Has brought me up to be a singer;
For you the Barbita I shake, for you the Cithara I let boom
At the sacred altar of Hylas.
For you I have established a choir of dancers…
I call upon now the Phoroneian race, that blood of Perseus,
That has saved the town situated highest.
By your command I sing, accompanied by the Cithara;
Dark violet curly-haired, beautiful-haired lord, blessed one, Bithynian,
Youth with a face full of grace,
Offspring of the Gold-Winged Mother ….


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