P Sufenas Virius Lupus

How to understand time, eternity,

how to place a form on imagelessness,

a shape on eluder of imagination …


Time may have a beginning and end,

a head and a tail, but meanwhile,

we are caught in spiraling coils,

one much like another, familiar.


Reality may be passive, active,

energetic or torpid, productive

and creative, destructive and reductive,

begetter or nurturer, equally.


Is there a continuum amongst beings,

humans a midpoint, animals below

and divinities above, or do all stand

on the same level on earth’s orb?


A lion in raging flight against stars,

the encircling darkness so bright

the formless becomes vivid,

eternity enters into earthliness.


In one image, static in stone

or iconic rendered on flat surface,

most basic but deepest mystery embodied.


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