Blessing: Forthcoming

Epithets: Hidden, Kamutef (The Bull of his Mother)

Alternate spellings: Amon, Amoun, Amen, Amun, Imen, Hammon

Equated with: Re, Min, Zeus, Hermes

Associations: ram, goose, bull, lion, double plumes, scepter, uraeus, ram horns

Apokaluptia (12 Dios)
Opet festival (15 Phaophi)

Ways to honor: Forthcoming

Ancient Texts:

Excerpts from Bibliotheca Historica by Diodorus Siculus

Excerpt from Description of Greece by Pausanias

Excerpt from Dionysiaca by Nonnos of Panopolis

Excerpts from The Histories by Herodotus

Excerpt from Fabulae by Hyginus

Fragment from Strabo

The Stela of Shesonq

Two Short Quotes from Plutarch

Modern Texts:

For Amun by Alaanja

Fragment Burke-Gottner 4.1 by Rebecca Buchanan

Hymn to Amun I by Rebecca Buchanan

To Zeus Amon by Jeremy J Baer

Essays and Rituals:

Amun, The Noumenia, and The Void: An Exploration of Reality by Akhetnu

Gum Ammoniac and Ammon by Jim Kollens

Ritual for Zeus-Ammon by Poppaeus


Egyptian Myths article on Amon

Wikipedia article on Amun

TourEgypt article on Amun-Re

Ammon article by Jona Lendering

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