Blessing: Anath is a powerful goddess, especially in times of conflict. She protected other gods, the King, and the whole populace. Although originally a Canaanite deity, she found her way into Egypt as early as the 16th Dynasty where she became a daughter of Re and consort of Set.

Epithets: Daughter, Virgin, Sister in Law of the People, Protector of the People

Equated with: Astarte, Atargatis, Sekhmet, Athene, Artemis

Associations: spear, lion, chariot

Festivals: Forthcoming

Ways to honor: Be strong and fearless; defend the downtrodden.

Ancient Textsforthcoming

Modern Texts:

Anat’s Marriage by P Sufenas Virius Lupus

Hymn to Anat I by Rebecca Buchanan

Essays and Ritualsforthcoming


TourEgypt article on Anat

Canaanite-faq entry for Anath

Qadash Kinahnu

Wikipedia entry on Anat

Descent of Anath into the Underworld

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