Antinous Musegetikos

P Sufenas Virius Lupus

He who was the bow-carrier,
healer and averter of evils,
far-seeing one of oracular utterance
was also the lyre-striker.

Therefore, like he who gave water
to the Castalian spring,
may you, Antinous, lead
the Muses in inspiring praises.

It is for you that artists
have painted fair images,
shaped stones to statues,
given words for hymns.

Hadrian, Emperor-poet,
sang with a sweet tongue
under the Muses’ gifts,
as did she who was Sappho
for Sabina, Julia Balbilla;
Strato, Pancrates, Mesomedes,
Numenios, Dionysius of Pharos
all bloomed with the arts

blessed through you, O Antinous,
leader of the Muses.


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