Appearance of the Star of Antinous

Amanda Aremisia Forrester

I prepare a table for Antinous the Navigator
Who I shall meet tonight
I, who have never honored You
Come before Your image
Open and curious, questioning and searching
I light these three candles in Your name
Pure white, as Your blazing star
Which appears tonight
I offer to You, and ask for Your Presence
As midnight nears,
I open my window
And climb onto the roof
Shivering in the January chill
Soft snow is falling
The sky is clouded
I can see nothing
No stars, no moon, no shining light
All the world dwells in shadow
The outer darkness settles in my soul
And for a moment I feel such despair
As I have felt before
But what is this?
What light appears in the sky?
It is Your blazing star, Antinous
And as Your clear light shines upon me
I am cleansed
All fear, all guilt, all pain and doubt fades away
And I bask in Your Divine Presence.


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