Hymn to Aphrodite (II)


Muses grant me a fair voice to sing, worthy of perfumed Aphrodite.
Aphrodite dwells within her golden house, crowned and adorned,
Her honeyed fingers stretch forth to sway the lover’s embrace,
All honor to her, ruler of the hearts, and to you all men adore.
Hail to you Aphrodite, your tresses bound with the ivory comb.
All Honor to you Aphrodite, upon your head rests the golden crown.

Limpid eyed Anaduomene, your body is like the foam that bore you forth,
The kiss of moisture, as morning dew upon the spanning earth.
Your breath is blossom sweet, as you whisper into our souls,
Rousing the heated flame from the sparked kindling of passion burning.
Gold is the arrow that sparks our hearts, drawing us into sweet embrace,
And lead is the arrow that turns our hearts, away in dread and pain.

By your hands these arrows you craft, and set into the fair hued quiver,
Send upon the heavens your bright-eyed son, to deliver your will to men.
Bless the marriage bed, craft not an arrow to lead loving hearts a-stray,
And to sweet youth bring the first bloom of romance with a gentle hand.
Let your art strike our spirits, oh Ourania, with heavenly gods-blessed love.
Let the dart rouse our flesh and hearts, o Pandemos, and bring earthly bliss.


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