Blessing: Apollon’s blessings are beauty, healing, justice, strength, artistic and athletic skill, as well as prophecy. He helps people to find ways to become better than they are. He heals all ailments — spiritual as well as physical. He punishes unjust acts, yet helps those who have committed them to find redemption and purification. He inspires the best work by poets and sculptors, atheletes and scientists. He communicates to man the will of his father, Zeus, making known what was hidden. Above all he preaches the Hellenic ideal of moderation and nothing to excess.

Epithets: Agreus (Hunter), Aguieus (Guardian of Streets), Aigletes (Radiant), Akesios (Healer), Alasiotas (of Cyprus), Alexikalos (Who Wards off Evil), Apotropaios (Averter of Evil), Aristaios (Best), Arkhegetes (Leader of Colonies), Daphnephoros (Bay-Bearer), Delios (Delian), Delphinios (of the Dolphins), Delphic, Epikourios (Helper, Ally), Genetor (Begetter, Ancestor), Hekatos (Far-Darter), Hersos (New Born, Divine Child), Hyperborean (of the Far North), Iatros (Doctor), Ismenios (of Ismenos), Karneios (of the Karneia), Kitharodos (Singer to the Lyre), Kourotrophos (Protector of Youth), Leukatas (of the Light) Loxias (the Oblique), Lukeios (of the Wolf), Maleatas (Healer) Musagetes (Leader of the Muses), Nomios (Herdsman, Shepherd) Paian (alternate name), Patroos (Ancestral), Phoibos (Bright), Puthios (Pythian, slayer of Pytho), Smintheus (of the Mouse)

Equated with: Horus, Helios, Re, Mithras, Bel, Antinous, Asklepios.

Associations: lyre, bow, tripod, the sun, crow, wolf, dolphin, mouse, laurel, vine, rush, sunflower, amber, hyacinth, frankincense, olibanum, aloe

Kunègia (6 Xanthikos)
Naukrateia (13 Panēmos)
Noumenia (1st of each lunar month)
Puanepsia (7 Dios)
Thargelia (6-7 Daisios)

Ways to honor: Live excellently. Don’t shirk your responsibilities, or do things you know are wrong. Put your core values into practice: don’t just preach it, live it. Cultivate the arts. Write, draw, paint, dance, play an instrument, sculpt or support those who do. Read philosophers, and try to think outside the box. Learn and practice a form of divination. Practice a healthy lifestyle and exercise. Take an interest in what you eat and how it affects your body. Visit the sick. Donate time or money to AIDS or cancer research and treatment or other health concerns.

Ancient Texts:

Excerpt from Carmen Saeculare by Horace

Excerpt from Concerning Images by Porphyry

Excerpt from Dionysiaca by Nonnus of Panopolis

Excerpt from Metamorphoses by Antoninus Liberalis

Excerpt from On Architecture by Vetruvius

Excerpt from Praeparatio Evangelica by Eusebius of Caesarea

Hymn to Apollo by Callimachus

Orphic Hymn XXXIII (To Apollon)

To Apollo by Horace

To Delian Apollo by Homer

To Pythian Apollo by Homer

Modern Texts:

A Piety by Todd Jackson

Apollonai by Todd Jackson

Apollon Lykeios by P Sufenas Virius Lupus

Arkhegetes by Todd Jackson

A Song to Apollon by Anonymous

Dark Darter, Bright Archer by Miguel Oliveira

Dionysus and Apollo by Firebird

Ekatos by Todd Jackson

End of Night by Todd Jackson

For Apollon by Heather Cox

Hymn to Apollon IV by Rebecca Buchanan

Hymn to Apollon V by Rebecca Buchanan

Hymn to Apollon and Daphne by Miguel Oliveira

Hymn to Day by Lykeia

Hymn to Morning by Lykeia

Hymn to Pythios by Lykeia

Lykeios by Todd Jackson

Phoebus in Night Air, Chicagoland by Todd Jackson

Prayer to the Lord of Delos and Delphi by Amanda Aremisia Forrester

The Affairs of Apollo by Amanda Aremisia Forrester

The Song Eternal by Jason Ross Inczauskis

To Apollon God of Light by Lykeia

To Apollon Musagetes by Lykeia

Toward Thargelion by Todd Jackson

Festivals and Rituals:

Hyperborean Ritual by Sunweaver

The Kyklos Apollon Ritual by Todd Jackson

Thargelia for Solitaries by Lykeia


Celestial Light: Syncretism of Apollon and Heru-Wer by Lykeia

On Apollon by Todd Jackson

Hyperborean Apollo by Lykeia

Loving Apollo by An Anonymous Devotee


Theoi.com entry on Apollon

Greek god Apollo reconsidered

Apollon and plague

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