A Song to Apollon


Muses and nymphs who sing tender songs, and best love Apollon
Lift your voices with mine to sing of Intonsus, the unshorn god.
Our voices rise upon the breeze and travel upon the breathe of the heavens,
To adore Phoibos as the pre-dawn light peaks on his far-traveling path.

Across the wide oceans and groaning seas, Delphinus, you tred,
Ever nearer your come, your breath the warmth of happy spring.
As you draw near the perfumed arms of lovers reach up to your embrace,
Dewy blossoms unfurling for your gentle touch and heated kiss.

You descend upon a warm beam, a brilliant presence in a welcoming heart,
Your strong arms are as heated bands that surround and embrace.
There you sink within illuminating ever corner of the mind and soul, knowing and seeing all
Mingling within the living flesh, and caressing the loving spirit who welcomes you home.

Bright-cloaked Apollon, how cherished you are in the company of women,
And no more so than I who sends adoration to you in all ways.
Your breath becomes my own in my lungs, billowing within me,
A heat rises from within flushing the eager flesh, as you touch within and without.

Like a great serpent, coiling protectively, you surround and embrace,
No beginning and no end within your golden arms that can be found.
Phoibos, you are immense, immeasurable, your passion dominates the game,
And yet within that embrace I dwell; loving, welcoming and without fear in my heart.

What songs are woven, and kisses lightly dancing upon the air,
What the brightly plumed birds would envy such sweet grace in their flight and song.
As the murmuring of lover’s harmony and the dance of passionate embrace,
Reveals itself under the dark hidden mantle born by the handmaiden of Aphrodite.

A fragile love is brief in the long expanse of time, gods and men standing apart,
But the butterfly and blossom are treasured and loved for all their fleeting presence,
Even as the last petals wither and fade, and the delicate wings no longer take to the winds,
But those wings shall move ever still in the immortal soul that will love beyond the limits of my life.

When time unravels my physical form, and earth draws me into her embrace,
It is for you that my spirit shall yearn for, love, and remember even as I am dust within the ground.
And when I am a wisp of fog, mostly-forgotten in the long reaches of time, still my love will ever be yours;
For once my heart is given, there it remains whether I draw life into my lungs, or my breath is stilled in my chest,
Given to you it is, and within your golden keep it shall remain.



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