Hymn to Morning


Muses, beloved daughters of Zeus, lend me your sweet voices To sing of Apollon, the shining, — on swift feet he approaches. Nyx gathers her mantle over the slumbering land, And the ravens sing to her depature as Intonsus gleams in the heavens. Hie away darkness, flee the heavenly abode For Apollon comes with his light and serpent arrow.

Golden is the god, and bright his gleaming eyes Who chases away the dark tressed Night. With bow and lyre he announces the rising flushed sun, In the fair company of rosey cheeked Aurora. The song of the sparrow meets the hounds eerie cry Away Hekate with her spirited company in the waxing light.

Aphrodite chases away the lovers from their shadowy bed, Her handmaiden departed, gone is the time of entwined bliss. The gold-armed goddess changes into her heavenly gown, Jewels adorn and glitter her fair arms and pearly neck. Her tender kiss a flower of sweet warm light descends And lo Hermes arises from the hidden lands.

The manes of the mares flame the sky bright, As they arise the golden chariot in the virtuous east. The song of Apollon shakes the heavens, sang with a traveling voice, The bright birds alight from their nests and deliver the song of dawn. Hail to Apollon who vanquished the night, his light caresses the world; And dark-plumed raven close at hand, watches from aloft the renewal born.


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