Ares’ Abode

Melia Suez

barren forest, savage mansion.

iron walls, iron portals, iron columns

shadows drape the walls

strong Watchers at the outer gate

strong Warriors in the courtyard

altars covered in war-spilled blood

fires lit from burning cities

spoils from every land

prisoners wailing

fragments of gates, ships and chariots

faces reflecting every form of violence

skilled depictions made by the smith-god

war steeds pound the valley

adamant barred gates fly open

covered in gore, Ares comes riding,

blood spatter feeding the fields,

behind, more spoils and more prisoners


Is it any wonder

that he longs for the fair abode

where lovely music plays

sweet flowers and soft silks

there She awaits, sweetly scented

Attended by nymphs



1 Response to Ares’ Abode

  1. Petros says:

    Wonderful and powerful words. I love this.

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