Epithalamia for Mars and Bellona

P Sufenas Virius Lupus

Put aside arms for the ploughshare,

O Red One, increaser of grain,

and quicken the wombs of cattle and sheep.

Who among goddesses is more valorous

than Ma-Bellona, whom Greeks style Enyo?

Therefore let her festivals be your feasts,

Marmor of far-reaching fame

with a hundred names in Gaul and Britain.

Put aside dalliances with Venus,

though Roma has been enriched from them,

and unite yourself to Nerio Victoria.

Such a pair so well-matched

never made as enviable a wall of refuge

as Duellona and Mavors Alator.

May the trumpets of war be silenced

for the flutes of the wedding feast!

Your virtues entwined, Bellona and Mamers

will be born as the excellence of legions,

the mother hailed as Mater Campestris;

your progeny on earth will enrich

the womb of Tellus with fertile soils

as nourishment for corn and crops.

I sing the couple beloved of men,

father Mars Ultor and Ma-Bellona,

and thank the gods for such a coupling!



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