Natalis Dianae

P Sufenas Virius Lupus

Ave Diana Regina

Lanuvii Domina

virgo beatissima

lucis argenti luna


Latone prima filia

sine dolore nata

dona omnis praemia

qui tua beata


Favere omnis nobis

cum praeda venationis

ursae et leonis

et celeris leporis


Regina Nemorensis

Lanuvii Specularis

servorum liberationis

Sacra tu appellaris


Requiem Donatrix

Diva Dea Venatrix

nymphae curatrix

naturae protectorix


Antinoo communica

in multa templa

tua gratia divina

tua magna benefica


Cum Antinoo laudata

Dea Splendissima

Ave Lunae Dea Diana!


Ave Lunae Dea Diana!

Ave Lunae Dea Diana!

Ave Lunae Dea Diana!



“Diana’s Birthdate” (August 13)

Hail Diana the Queen

Lady of Lanuvium

most beautiful virgin

moon of silver light


First child of Leto

born without pain,

give to all the gift

which is your blessedness


Favor us all

with the spoils of the hunt–

bear and lion

and swift hare


Queen of the Sacred Grove

Mirror-like (one) of Lanuvium

by liberation of slaves

you are called “Holy”


Giver of rest

Divine Huntress Goddess

overseer of nymphs

protectress of nature


Share with Antinous

into many temples

by your divine grace

your great favors


Praised with Antinous

O Most Splendid goddess,

Hail, Goddess of the Moon Diana!


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