Blessing: Asklepios is even more concerned with health and healing than his father, Apollo. He comes to people in their dreams, and works miracle cures. He shows people how to live better lives, how to be more fit and energetic. Spiritual healing and psychology are also his concern. All of his skills he gladly shares with humankind, teaching us the secrets of health, and aiding us as we help our fellows.

Epithets: Forthcoming

Equated With: Imouthes (Imhotep), Serapis, Apollon, Paian.

Associations: snake, crow, staff, frankincense, cocks, votive gifts of clay

Asklepieia (8 Xanthikos)

Ways to honor: Live a healthy life. Be mindful of what you eat, and its affects on your body. Exercise. Learn about vitamins and alternative medicine. Explore Reiki and incubation. Visit the sick. Donate time or money to medical research and treatment.

Ancient Texts:

Excerpt from Guide to Greece by Pausanias

Excerpt From On Animals by Aelian

Excerpt from the Letter of Thessalos to Caesar Augustus

Greek Lyric V

Homeric Hymn XVI (To Asklepios)

Orphic Hymn LXVII (To Asklepios)

Modern Texts:

A Healer’s Prayer to Asklepios by Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Hail Asklepios by Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Hymn to Asklepios I by Rebecca Buchanan

Prayer for Asklepios’ Day by Amanda Aremisia Forrester

To Asklepios by Erynn Rowan Laurie

Festivals and Rituals:

A Weekly Ritual of Devotion to Asklepios by Amanda Aremisia Forrester


Asklepios the Physician by Amanda Aremisia Forrester


Wikipedia entry on Asclepius entry on Asklepios

EncyclopediaMythica entry on Asclepius

Hermetic tractate Asclepius

2 Responses to Asklepios

  1. Asterope says:

    There’s a thesis about Asklepios and his cult available for viewing.

    “The appeal of Asklepios and the politics of healing in the Greco-Roman world”
    Wickkiser, Bronwen Lara, 1969- (2003-05)
    PDF can be download and viewed here:
    361 pages.

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