A Healer’s Prayer to Asklepios

Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Asklepios, mortal-born Son of Apollo

I pray to You, Divine Healer

Who knows the pains of mortal bodies

Who knows the woes of human minds

The pang of hunger and ache of bones

Kindly and wise, most merciful of the Gods

Who raised the dead from Haides’ shadowy realm.

The Khthonic King complained to Zeus

Who stuck You down with a lightning bolt

For violating the natural order.

But You were so loved that owl-eyed Athene

And Your Father the far-shooting Apollo

Pleaded the case before the Olympian King

And You were brought back, an eternal and undying God.

Your ancient temples were places of healing

Sanctuaries for the sick

Your priests were healers, the first doctors

And You come to Your worshipers in dreams,

Telling them how to cure themselves.

Hippocrates drew His inspiration from You, snaky God of Kos,

And looked to Your example when he created the Physician’s Oath.

Guide my hands, Son of Apollo, so I may heal

Guide my heart, Son of Koronis, so I may have empathy

Guide my mind, Epidaurian, so I may understand

Guide my steps, Kindly Asklepios, so I may I begin to walk the path of the healer.



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