Hail Asklepios

Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Hail Asklepios,

Who dwells among men!

Hail Asklepios,

The snakey God!

Hail Asklepios,

Kindly healer!

Hail Asklepios,

Immortal son of Apollo!

May you smile on me

In all my endeavors

May you walk beside me, glorious one

Your hands guiding mine

Your voice in my ear

Your holy dream-giving snakes at my feet

So I may heal the sick

So I may give rest to the weary

So I may feed the poor

So I may make the lives of my fellow man better

Asklepios, mortal-born, ascended to Heaven,

This is my prayer.

May you hear my heartfelt cry, and rejoice.



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