Athena Soteira: An Acrostic

Jason Ross Inczauskis

Ancient people honored you for your wisdom and virtue.
They turned to you in their moments of need,
Hoping for your protection and salvation from their troubles.
Enemies, fearing your might, sought to destroy you.
No outrage against your people or your temples was too great for them.
And yet still they could not erase your existence.

So they tried to co-opt you, instead.
Oh, how easy they thought it would be,
To render you a mere symbol enslaved to their mortal kings!
Even this, though, could not hope to dull your divine radiance.
I rejoice, for I can feel you reaching out to us,
Rising once more in the hearts of the people,
Assuming your proper place in a world that needs you more than ever.

1 Response to Athena Soteira: An Acrostic

  1. Rebekah says:

    This made me well up with such emotion. Thank you for writing this beautiful poem in Her honor.

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