Ode to Bast


The River flows a gentle roar, what lioness roars across the land

Delivering fertile richness to the sown earth.

Daughter of Isis, nurtured by Leto, the tawny cat of the west,

Thy orb eyes are gentled, calmed by the clammer of women,

and the sithrums rustic song.

Cat of Bubastis, recieve the songs of the dancing women,

And let your heart be delighted, for we have traveled upon the waters to you.

The river leads to the holy city, an island made for your revered home,

And our company travels in primal company of song and dance to your home.

We bring offerings to your temple so to indulge your senses,

We dance to lighten your heart with pride of the sensuality of women,

Our songs are restful to your ears, as we sing to you.

Lythe huntress, we ask that you drive away the house of the plague,

And our wombs be ripened and fertile as your litter-bearing daughters.

You bless all of womanhood, and we so ask to be blessed by you.

Never shall a cat whether sleek or feral come to harm by our hands,

For your children are presented as your gift to the people,

To keep our cities safe and bring comfort to companion hearts.

Hail Bast, your radiant glory outshines the rest,

Gentle light of Ra.

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