Blessing: Bes is a powerful protective deity, with a special concern for pregnant women and young children. His grotesque appearance and thunderous dances frighten away demonic spirits. He is also a god of fertility and sensuality, and presides over healing and oracles.

Epithets: Forthcoming

Alternate forms of name: Besa, Bsw (Besu), Aha

Equated with: Pan, Seilenos, Min; “Pantheistic Deity”, often linked with Tawret in paintings and reliefs but not known to be fully syncretized with any other deity.

Associations: Knives, feathered plume, mask, sistrum, doorways and entrances; dancing and performance, especially comedy; tambourines, sistrums, and percussion instruments; mirrors, khol, make-up, perfumes and scented oils; eroticism, fertility, and childbirth; soldiers and guards; apotropaic wands; lions and lion skins, cats and felines; tattoos and prophecy.

FestivalsBesia (15 Payni); dancers dressed as Bes were also known to attend performances on regular festival days, in particular feast days to Bast.

Ways to honor: Caring for pregnant women and children. Stand up for “the little guy”; support HIV/AIDS and STD awareness; advocate for women’s reproductive rights; baby-sit or volunteer for troubled youth; learn how to make people laugh or play (safe) practical jokes on people; take up dancing or attend dance performances (particularly cabaret); practice dream-work or incubation; learn a simple and entertaining form of divination; keep doorways clean and hold the door for other people; be hospitable.

Ancient Texts:

Excerpt from British Museum Papyrus 122

Excerpt from a Stele Honoring Bes

Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Texts: Forthcoming

Modern Texts:

Acrostics of Bes by Melia Suez, Reverend Allyson Szabo, and P Sufenas Virius Lupus

Bes Blessing for a Child by Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Bes’ Shrine Song by P Sufenas Virius Lupus

Festivals and Rituals: Forthcoming

Articles: Forthcoming


Wikipedia entry on Bes

Bes: An Appreciation

TourEgypt article on Bes

Bes, God-Demon of Protection, Childbirth and Entertainment


God Bes

Bes in Marvel Comics

Terracotta figurine of Bes


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  1. Asterope says:

    I found a site with more info on him, thought I’d share:

    I also saw a title of his as “Lord of Punt.”

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