Eleusis Bound

Diotima Sophia

The travel through the stilled countryside
They return to Athens as to home
Crowds gather from far and wide –
Something said, something done and something shown

The mysteries call again
To all they claim as their own
All classes of women and all of men
Something said, something done, and something shown.

The catechisms learned by rote
Recited, repeated, sometimes read
They must be voiced without aid of notes
Something shown, something done and something said.

Ritual cleansing by the sea
Washing away lives previously led
Awake, arise, purified and free
Something shown, something done, and something said.

The mysteries of Demeter culminate
Far away from the blinding sun
From dark of sunset to Selene’s full spate
Something shown, something said, and something done.

Thousands of voices – stilled in the night
The mysteries unfold, one on one
An not one to record the sight
Something shown, something said, and something done.


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