Hymn to Demeter


Muses dancing among the Graces, celebrating earths gifts to men,
Dance and sing with me now in honor of corn-crowned Demeter.
Ruddy faced Demeter, manteled in the colors of the earth,
She sits upon her drakon cart, the swine-herds feast lain before her.
All honor to You, Sito! By your pleasure we shall not be want of bread,
From your hand, flower-faced Chloe, the poppy spreds its children to the land.

From your brother’s embrace, your blossom child did come to life and arise,
As a seed sown in the soil, rises forth to rain and sun,
So did Persephone rise with a blossom face, cherished daughter beloved.
What delight did come to your mother’s heart to spy your daughter so fair,
Paint the petals with delicate handicraft in maiden’s company,
Entrusted to the attendance of goddesses virtue pure, to dance in a meadow sunlit.

O Demeter our hearts grieve with you when your daughter departs the living earth,
See now the torn hair and streaming tears that are shed!
But still we set to you a bountiful feast, and delight ease your heart,
And we plant the winter seed to the promise of the renewing spring.
Even as winter holds us in its grasp of ice and snow,
We come together there before the tended roaring fires,
And into our family fold invite you, sorrowing, into the warmth of home.

Behold spring rising again, the earth prepares for the return of flower-gowned Kore,
From the dark castle of her beloved husband in the other world where dead dwell.
Happy is your heart, to see the brightening glow of the yew torch,
Hekate’s leading the procession, and lo Persephone arises!
Happy are our hearts to greet the blushing spring maiden, Deione;
Where her slim feet touch the earth, there life stirs and springs anew.
And before her fair form we sing praises to you great bountiful mother!


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