Blessing: The blessings of Dionysos are joy and passion, madness and prophecy, ecstacy and freedom. Dionysian freedom is beyond good and evil: it takes precedent over law, custom, inhibition or morality. In the worship of Dionysos, we discover who we really are, beneath all the masks and lies and compromises that society demands of us. Dionysos dissolves all boundaries and destroys every falsehood. In the ecstatic state, we feel ourselves to be whole, to be one with all of the other worshippers, with the earth and the Gods. We utter prophecy, since we are no longer constrained by our small minds. We perform miracles, since the laws of nature no longer apply. We touch the face of God, and he touches us.

Epithets: Agrios (The Wild One), Aigobolos (The Goatslayer), Aktaios (He of the Seacoast), Anax Bakcheios (Bacchic Lord), Anax Agreus (Lord Hunter), Antheus (The Blossoming), Anthroporraistes (The Render of Humans), Areion (War-like), Arretos (The Ineffable), Arsenothelys (the Man-Womanly), Auxites (The Grower), Axios Tauros (The Worthy Bull), Bakcheios (The Bacchic One), Bakchos (Raving), Bassareus (The Fox-God), Botryophoros (Bearer of Clusters of Grapes), Boukeros (The Bull-horned One), Bromios (He Who Roars), Bythios (The Deep), Charidotes (The Giver of Grace), Choreutes (The Dancer), Choroplekes (The Danceweaving One), Chthonios (He of the Underworld), Dendrites (The Tree God), Dikerotes (The Two-horned One), Dimeter (He of Two Mothers), Dimorphos (The Two-Formed One), Dissotokos (Doubly Born), Dithyrambos (Hymned by the Dithyramb), Eiraphiotes (The In-Sewn One), Ekstatophoros (The Bringer of Ecstasy), Eleuthereus (The Emancipator), Enorches (the Betesticled), Eriphos (Young Kid), Eribromios (The Loud Roarer), Euanthes (The Fair Blossoming One), Euaster (He Who Shouts Eua), Eubouleus (The Good Counselor), Euios (The Reveler), Gethosynos (The Joyful), Gigantophonos (Giant-Slayer), Gynnis (Womanish), Hagnos (The Pure, Holy One), Iakchos (The Cryer at Eleusis), Iatros (The Healer), Kissobryos (The Ivy-Wrapped One), Kissokomes (The Ivy-Crowned One), Kissos (Ivy), Korymbophoros (The Cluster-laden), Kryphios (The Hidden One), Lampter (Light-bringer), Lenaios (He of the Wine-press), Liknites (He of the Winnowing Fan Cradle), Limnaios (He of the Marsh), Lyaios (Bringer of Freedom), Lyseus (Liberator), Mainomenos (The Maddened One), Makar (Blessed One), Manikos (The Manic One), Mantis (The Diviner), Meilichios (The Gentle One), Melanaigis (He of the Black Goatskin), Morychos (The Dark One), Nebrodes (The Fawn-form One), Nyktelios (He of the Night), Nyktipolos (The Night-Stalker), Nysios (He of Nysa), Oiketor (The Indweller), Omadios (He of the Raw Feast), Palaios (The Ancient One), Perikionios (He Who is Entwined Around the Pillars), Petempamenti (He who is in the Underworld), Phanes (The Illuminator), Polygethes (Bringer of Many Joys), Polymorphos (He of the Many Forms), Polyonomos (The Many-Named One), Protogonos (The Firstborn), Skeptouchos (Sceptre-Bearer), Soter (Saviour), Sykites (He of the Fig-Tree), Taurokeros Theos (Bull-horned God), Taurophagos (Devourer of the Bull), Tauropon (The Bull-faced One), Teletarches (Lord of Initiation), Thyonidas (Son of Thyone), Thyrsophoros (The Thyrsos-Bearer), Trieterikos (The Biennial One), Trigonos (The Thriceborn), Zagreus (Great Hunter), Zatheos (The Very Holy), Zoophoros (Life Bringer)

Equated With:Osiris, Serapis, Apis, Set, Adonis, Antinous, Yahweh, Priapus, Ba¡¯al, Siva, Katagarma, Ptolemy IV, Ptolemy XII, Marcus Antonius, Attalos.

Associations: thyrsos, mask, nebrix, kantharos, phallos, panther, goat, snake, bull, fox, musk, civet, frankincense, storax, ivy, grapes, pine, fig, wine, honey, Indian hemp, orchis root, thistle, all wild and domestic trees, black diamond

Alexandrian Dionysia (13 Artemisios)
Anthesteria (11-13 Dystros)
Eleusinia (Gorpiaios 15)
Kunègia (6 Xanthikos)
Katallageia (5-6 Audēnaios)
Lagunophoria (11 Tybi)
Lampteria (November 14)
Festival of the Neoi Dionysoi (Nov 28)
Festival of the Valley (7 Payni)
Ptolemaeia (Month of Ptolemaios)

Ways to honor: Drink wine. Attend theater. Dance. Sing. Learn a form of divination. Explore madness. Be passionate. Be creative. Enjoy every moment of living — even the harsh and unpleasant ones. Donate your time or money to support the theater, dance companies, and musical arts.

See also Written in Wine, a devotional anthology in honor of Dionysus, published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Ancient Texts:

Dithyramb to Dionysus by Pindar

Excerpt from Antigone by Sophocles

Excerpt from The Cretans by Euripides

Excerpt from The Ecclesiastical History by Hermias Sozomen

Excerpt from Fabulae by Hyginus

Excerpt from The Frogs by Aristophanes

Excerpts from Life of Antony by Plutarch

Excerpts from The Histories by Herodotus

Fragment of a Homeric Hymn (To Dionysus)

Homeric Hymn VII (To Dionysus)

Homeric Hymn XXVI (To Dionysus)

Orphic Hymn XXX (To Dionysus)

Orphic Hymn XLV (To Dionysus)

Orphic Hymn XLVI (To Liknites)

Orphic Hymn XLVII (To Perikionios)

Orphic Hymn L (To Lusios-Lenaios)

Orphic Hymn LII (To the God of Triennial Feasts)

Orphic Hymn LIII (To the God of Annual Feasts)

Paian to Dionysus by Philodamos

Request to Dionysus by Anakreon

Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Texts: Forthcoming

Modern Texts:

Aigobolos by Sara Sutterfield Winn

Ampelia by Reverend Allyson Szabo

Bacchanal by Lupercus Pagani

Bacchic Prayer by Calamus

Bacchic Song by Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Beautiful Savage God by Jim Wise

Bythios by Sara Sutterfield Winn

Dancing With Dionysus by Lykeia

Dionysus (I) by Diotima Sophia

Dionysus (II) by Heather Cox

Dionysus (III) by Shameka

Dionysus and Apollo by Theokleia

Dionysus and Hermes by P Sufenas Virius Lupus

Dionysus, Apollon and the Phoinix by Lykeia

Dionysus (Big Bull Sacrifice) by Theokleia

Dionysus’ Sorrow by P Sufenas Virius Lupus

Eros-Dionysus by Calamus

Force of Nature by Reverend Allyson Szabo

For Dionysus (I) by Heather Cox

For Dionysus (II) by Dan McElwain

Hail to the Twice-Born by Diotima Sophia

Hymn to Bright-Eyed Dionysus by Lykeia

A Hymn to Dionysus Meilikhios by Nyktipolos

In Praise of Wine by Chaya

The Joyous Anthesteria by Reverend Allyson Szabo

Kryphios by Sara Sutterfield Winn

Lady Pentheus by Jim Wise

Libation by Diotima Sophia

Maenad by Diotima Sophia

Missionary Faith by Jim Wise

Removing the Masks by Heather Cox

Revel by Reverend Allyson Szabo

Satyrs’ Songs by Jim Wise

To Dionysus by Amanda Aremisia Forrester

To Dionysus, After Reading Walt Whitman by Brandon

To Dionysus the Bull by Lykeia

(untitled) by Rebecca Buchanan

The Welcome of Dionysus by Lykeia

Who Is This Wife of Dionysus? by Amanda Aremisia Forrester

Wine for Dionysus by Brandon

Winepress by Jim Wise

You’re Out There Today by Jim Wise

Zagreus by Chaya

Festivals and Rituals:


Artemis and Dionysus: Antithesis and Synthesis by Thista Minai

Culture From Counter-Culture: Dionysian Drama and Hellenism by Jeremy J Baer

Interview with Andrew Dalby: Author Bacchus: A Biography by Jeremy J Baer


Written In Wine: A Devotional Anthology for Dionysus

Theoi.com entry on Dionysos

Wikipedia entry on Dionysos


Actors of Dionysus

Bacchae study guide

Cult of Dionysos

The Cult of the Lizard King

The Dionysion

Dionysos in C. S. Lewis

Dionysos Links

The Dionysos Page

Dionysus Homepage

Dionysus and the Gardener

Dionysus and Kataragama

Midnight Muse

Dionysian Mythologies

Nietzsche’s “The Birth of Tragedy”

Nothing to do with Dionysus?

The Sacred Phallus

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