Hymn to Ereshkigal

by David 

Great and Holy Ereshkigal 
Dark Queen of the Netherworld 
All the dead bow to you 
All demons bow before you 
Even the Gods bow before you 
For the greatest joy is to worship 
and serve you at your feet 
Tamer of Kur, the dragon who captured you 
But, it was you who captured Kur instead 
All who have glimpsed your beauty have desired you 
And you have captured and bound them to you 
For you get what you desire 
Whether it’s Nergal, Kur or Enlil 
Powerful or weak, God or demon, you are 
Beloved by all 
How great is your power 
Amongst and over the dead 
Over demons 
Over death 
Over even life itself 
No one can stand against you 
Neither God, not human nor demon 
Can ever compare with your 
Lady Ereshkigal, Great Queen 
of the Great Below 
Mistress of the House of Dust 
Fearful, though you can be, 
You are also compassionate 
To the children that die before their time, 
To the people that cannot defend themselves properly 
This makes you beloved by all humans 
For the mother that loses her child, knows that they 
are being cared for by the greatest of all – 
You, Mighty Goddess Ereshkigal 
Your power can even compete with the 7 That Decree Fate 
You are respected in whatever realm, be it the Heavens, the earth, or any of the 
You were loved in ancient Mesopotamia, in the lands between Two Rivers, 
You were beloved in the land of Egypt, by Greeks and Egyptians alike, 
You are now beloved by people in all lands 
Dark Queen, 
You teach people to stand strong, 
To not be afraid, 
To live life 
To be full of passion, 
As your relationship with Nergal shows, you are full of passion 
To those that show no fear in approaching you, you will defend, you will 
protect, you will make strong, 
You can crush their enemies, 
You show no shame, 
For you stand naked in your Palace in Ganzir, the Great City of the Dead, 
Proud of your great beauty, as all the dead admire you, 
As Nergal’s eyes grow wider with desire, 
You know you are beloved by all 
Mighty Ereshkigal, 
Great Queen, 
Great Goddess, 
May your worship continue to grow and strengthen 
May your name be on the lips of all humans for generations to come, till the end 
of time, and beyond, 
May your Temples be rebuilt, 
May they be filled with your Priests, 
All chanting your name, 
For it is truly the greatest joy to worship you, 
Great Ereshkigal, Great Lady of the Great Below, Mistress of the House of Dust, 
Queen of the Netherworld, 
May we all bow before you, Oh Great Ereshkigal.

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