Blessing: Forthcoming

Epithets: Heru-sa-Aset (Greek: Harseisis [Heru son of Aset]); Har-pa-khered/Heru-pa-khered (Greek: Harpocrates [Heru the Child]); Heru-nedj-itef (Greek: Harendotes [Heru Saviour of His Father]); Heru-sema-Tawy (Horus Uniter of the Two Lands); The Living Horus (eg, The ruling Pharaoh).

Equated with: Forthcoming

Associations: Forthcoming


Birthday of Horus the Son of Isis (5 Pharmouthi)
Kunègia (6 Xanthikos)
Isis Rejoices at Finding Osiris (25 Choiak)
Opet Festival (15 Phaophi)
Festival of the Reconciliation of Horus and Set (27 Thoth)

Ways to honor: Forthcoming

Ancient Texts:

Excerpt from the Coffin Texts

Excerpt from Concerning Images by Porphyry

Excerpts from De Iside et Osiride by Plutarch

Excerpts from Hieroglyphika by Horapollo

Excerpt from Suda sv Priapos

Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Texts: Forthcoming

Modern Texts:

Harpocrates by P Sufenas Virius Lupus

Festivals and Rituals: Forthcoming

Articles: Forthcoming

Links: Forthcoming

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