Song of Hathor

by Lykeia

Cease the busy work, listen to the singing breeze, 
The stars wink from the heavens to Hathor they sing. 
The heavenly heifer is star-spotted, and there they dance, 
Hail to the goddess of all love, of beauty and romance! 
The taste of honey is her kiss, the drone of bees her lure, 
Her turquoise-dusted eyes sparkle and laugh in such delight, 
Uncoil dancing serpent, to the song, and bring the tender light.

Hathor, perfumed and water-clad, arises in the heavens, 
The shining stars adorn, winking and smiling down, 
What fair beauty the bright-cheeked goddess horn-crowned, 
Aloft in her kindly embrace the sun, the daystar, rises! 
Lover and mother, wanton and pure, Hathor, goddess and woman! 
Such fair contradiction, lusty eyes in an sweet flower face, 
Music, dance, love and song rush happily to her embrace.

For Hathor delights in all such sweet earthly joys, 
To be greeted as a lover much welcomed and beloved, 
And her gentle administered gifts touch her children in life, 
And they touch her children in life within the halls of dead beyond. 
Do not be deceived by the tinkle of her rising laughter, 
Nor by the gay melody that she enjoys to have composed. 
Be not deceived by this goddess of joy, bright-laughing one, 
Because beyond that fair face, death is the hidden claw.

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