Temple of Aphrodite-Hathor rented out

“Year I I which is also year 8, Pharmouthi 21. Pikos son of Psemminis sold three days of the Aphrodisieion belonging to him for 6 copper talents.

“In the reign of Cleopatra and King Ptolemy her son, surnamed Alexander, the Mother-Loving Savior Gods, year 11 which is also 8, Pharmouthi 21, the priest of Alexander and the Savior Gods and the Brother-and-Sister Gods and the Benefactor Gods and the Mother-Loving Gods and the Manifest Gods and the Mother-Loving Gods and the God Eupator and the Benefactor Gods, the athlophore of Berenike Euergetis and the canephore of Arsinoe Philadelphos and the goddess Arsinoe Eupator being those in office in Alexandria, and in Ptolemais of the Thebaid the priest and priestess of Ptolemy Soter being those in office, before Apollonios who is in charge of the office of agoranomos for the Memnoneia of the Pathyrite (nome) of the Thebaid:

“Pikos son of Psemminis, about 25 years old, middle height, with honey-colored broken skin, long-headed, straight-nosed, with a scar on his left brow, has sold the perquisites from three days of purification and their emoluments and services and everything pertaining to them and falling due to them in each year and the portion coming to their credit from the epagomenal days and everything that pertains to these in the temple, the sanctuary of Aphrodite belonging to him, called Hathyr, among the graves in the area of the Memnoneia;

“And Totoes son of Zmanres, one of the shrine-bearers from the Memnoneia, about 35 years old, honey-colored, smooth-skinned, round-faced, straight-nosed, has bought them for 6 talents of copper money.

“The broker and guarantor of the contents of this sale is Pikos the seller, whom Totoes the buyer accepted.” – PSI 9.1022

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